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  1. Cinnamon00

    Any guesses to what mix breed my pup is?

    When I adopted her almost a month ago the shelter said she was a terrier mix. I looked up some terrier pics and by her coloring and several facial features the closest she looks to is a smooth hair fox terrier but I've had a lot of people also tell me she looks like a long-hair Chihuahua. I...
  2. Cinnamon00

    The Luna Thread

    Posting pics of my puppy as she grows up. Currently 4 months. I took these the second day we got her. Excuse the e-collar she had just been spayed. and a little animation I made with a vid I took of her
  3. Cinnamon00

    Luna puppy Pics :)

    :) and a little animation I made with a vid I took of her
  4. Cinnamon00

    What to do with a puppy that's already very energetic 1 day after being spayed?

    My puppy Luna, was spayed Wed by the shelter before we brought her home. The thing is yesterday and today she's been very energetic trying to explore and wonder around. Now, they told us she has to be resting for 10 days so we are keeping her in her box so she can rest but I feel bad because she...
  5. Cinnamon00

    Introducing my new puppy, Luna

    I adopted her yesterday, was finally able to bring her home today. She's around 4 months, and a terrier mix. She's just being spayed, that's why we have her in the basket and she has that thing around her neck... no crate yet :o, she will get one soon though. I apologize for the...
  6. Cinnamon00

    Rest in Peace Cinnamon, My little Swettie.

    I'm heartbroken and I can't handle it... My baby is gone, I can't believe it. It hurts like hell right now.... And it hurts even more knowing that I couldn't see her one last time before she went to the rainbow bridge. She passed away, today in the morning at the animal hospital. I seriously...