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    throwing up/diahrea.

    just as stated My younger dog who is only about a year has been throwing up and had bad diahrea for a few months now ive tried diff foods to see if that would help and i think its only gotten worse he has lost weight. And then yesterday he threw up pieces of a bone as well as some blood in his...
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    Koda and Kio

    Just a few picks from our hike on the trail. A few of kio And koda Sorry if there a bit big. Im not very good at resizing.
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    managing a DA dog

    So im kinda at my wits end lately with one of my sibes hes only a year old im in the process of saving money to get him neutered, but the thing is the dog park or on walks he goes crazy around other dogs he has even bitten another dog, so im wondering if you guys can shed some light on how i can...
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    Life changes.

    Im just curious about how you guys feel about getting older, and mile stones. Im just curious because I have just completed my first year of college classes and my morals are all still intact. But my values are on the rocks. I take my school work very seriously but outside of that things could...
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    e- collars

    Im just curious what your opinions are about them. And when you find them okay to use. I see so many people at the dog park with them holding down the continous button and there dog really is doing nothing wrong i find that abusive.
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    Switching foods

    Okay so i have been feeding my two Siberian's canidae for about a year maybe more but it hasent been agreeing with there stomachs lately. So i switched to a food called Blue the lamb and brown rice formula, and my dogs love it. I was just wondering if any one else has heard anything about this...
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    skijoring question.

    So I was wondering equipment you all need for two dogs to skijor. Ive been doing alot of research The x back harness seems to be the best. I know i need 2 of them and a skijor belt. and some kind of line that connects the two dogs most sites talk about it being bungee also do you need to use a...
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    potty training

    So my sister recently got a puppy but the thing is he is used to going on papers in the house from the previous people. How can she get him to go out side or should she leave him go on the papers for know he is only 7 weeks and very small.
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    Neutering Vs. Not neutering

    I know I want to get him neutered and i will. I just havent had the extra cash lately my female sibe is spayed so im fine on that end. But i wanted to know if there were side affects to leaving him uneutered for a while he is already seven months and is raising his leg to mark. i plan to get him...
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    siberian question.

    Okay so my two year old female siberian loves to dig in her water bucket when we go to the dog park and then she will go to everyone elses and dig theres to hardly drinking anything, now the puppy does it to. my question is why i thought maybe to cool down in the heat and because dogs dont sweat...
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    new puppy

    as many of you know i already have a two year old siberian well i got another that is 7 weeks old but my questions are how to keep them well im at tech school or work can the puppy be crated inside a few hours and koda outside because hes way to small to be trusted with her outside for know. my...
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    So I switched to canidae as some of you know but its not going so well. how do you switch over the lady at the store told me it was easiest just cold turkey and give her only the canidae well she only sniffs it and wants nothin to do with it. Should i mix her old food in or put water in the new...
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    Dog foods

    So canidae is a good choice What are the other top foods you guys consider feeding your dogs. is there a chart or something i can look at or what ingredients do you look for slash avoid. I never no and i want to switch her to a more reliable and healthier food. I would love your input.
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    training classes

    Let me first start out by saying i think that the mandatory training classes are a great Idea. Except when your looking at a dog that lives two hours from you its not very feasible and the humane society provides the classes. That are a mandatory part of the adoption process. And i Dident even...
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    Found a great site

    Everyone who has ever had questions about training positive or negative methods should check this site out its very cool he is very open minded.
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    Im really upset and need some reassurance

    So as most of you know I have a siberian husky who is just a little over a year old know and for a while now i have noticed after her long walks she is very tired her back legs are woblly or buckle in I take her for two one/two hour walks every day but this has been worrying me latley since she...
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    Walking huskies

    alright so I have decided to use a harness to walk my dog instead of just her collar since she would get over excited pull on her hind legs and i was afraid of her slipping her collar or hurting her neck but now i have a new issue the harness is wonderfull dont get me wrong she barelly pulls...
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    alright Im not sure if this is the right place to talk about it but oh well i have been a member on there forever and i know some on here are to i had a couple thousand posts and know ive lost my email which means no password i tried making a new account not that easy the new acoount does not...
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    what Do you recomend

    I have a 7 month old husky and she drags me were she wants to go on are walks im not sure what to do i try and put her by my side and walk her but she still pulls very hard so far ive tried a normal collar and a harness wich seemed to make her want to pull more any suggestions im only 17 and its...
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    hi i thought i would say hello im recently

    I recently got a husky pup when she was 8 weeks And now that she is five months I can hardly believe how much she has grown im really not very good at computers if anyone wants to give me some tips feel free.:D