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  1. Annabell

    Naming help for future puppy

    I love the mountain theme! I think I'm probably going to stick with a nature theme for my dogs from here on out, so I have a whole list that includes a couple mountain-themed names. Here are a couple I thought of when I was trying to find a name for Cypress: Shasta (Mt. Shasta)...
  2. Annabell

    How has your Dog changed in the last year?

    This is a fun thread! Fable isn't so obsessed with food and can manage to settle down on her own now when we're eating or cooking when I used to have to tether her or put her in her crate. She doesn't get carsick as much. She's gained a lot of confidence and is now a lot better in large...
  3. Annabell


    Well I live in a tiny little townhouse with no yard in the middle of the city. But I'm lucky enough to be close to the mountains, beaches, forests, and the desert, so I actually don't mind living in the city. It's fairly quiet here and the people and restaurants are pretty great. I live...
  4. Annabell

    Gusto's DNA Test

    So border staffy wasn't too far off (although he does seem a bit small for AmStaff), but I never would have thought ACD. I'd love to do this for Fable and Cy to see what it comes up for them.
  5. Annabell

    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    Nickname/Preferred name: Amira Occupation: Student Age: 16 About your dog(s): Fable is about 4.5 and an ACDxCorgi or something. I've had her since April 2014 and she is my heart. Cypress is almost 10 months old and another ACD mix (although she's itty bitty at about 23 pounds). I...
  6. Annabell

    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    Fable: Velcro, Sweet, Active Cypress: Loyal, Talkative, Exuberant
  7. Annabell

    Gusto's DNA Test

    I could have no idea what I'm talking about, but I think he looks like a border staffy. Maybe with something else mixed in. Whatever he is, he's adorable!
  8. Annabell

    Gusto's DNA Test

    I died a little over that first puppy pic. His little nose was so cute! How much does he weigh?
  9. Annabell

    2016 Fitness Goals

    I want to really dedicate myself to doing my PT strengthening exercises for my injured knee on a regular basis (basically just strength training for my quads/glutes). I'm so sick of it hurting all the time, and it's especially frustrating since I'm so active. I also just want to do more...
  10. Annabell

    My two lurchers

    They're adorable! And I love the head tilts.
  11. Annabell

    Ridiculous things your dog has done

    The first week I had Fable she ate an entire tray of baklava off the counter that I had just made. That was the beginning of her food-thieving career. Last summer there was a family eating a picnic in the middle of an off-leash park. Fable, the food ***** that she is, snuck up behind them and...
  12. Annabell

    Your family + your pets

    The dogs are mine. I do all the training, grooming, and exercising, and I feed them most of the time. My mom just asks me to tell her what to do with them because she doesn't want to mess their schedule/routine or training up. She lets them out during the day if she has time, and maybe takes...
  13. Annabell

    Winter wonderland

    I love Tikka so much! I think because she reminds me of Fable. Just the way she sits funny while leaned up against stuff with that solemn look on her face reminds me so much of Fabes. She's too darn cute. And of course all of your photos and your dogs are incredibly gorgeous. I especially...
  14. Annabell


    I'd say backpacking is my 'main' hobby. It's my favorite activity, and I can do it with the dogs! I also love day hiking when I don't have the time to go on an overnight trip. And I love to kayak, canoe, and SUP in the spring, summer, and fall. DSC_0181 by fablethecattledog, on Flickr...
  15. Annabell

    The little terror

    He's so cute! And sounds like he's a lot of fun :D
  16. Annabell

    Let's See Your Dogs in the Snow!

    Post your favorite photos of your dogs in the snow! It actually snowed in Portland on Sunday, so I got really excited and took a bunch of pictures of my girls. It all melted on Monday, but we certainly enjoyed it while it was here. IMG_1315 by fablethecattledog, on Flickr DSC_0092 by...
  17. Annabell

    The one that got away?

    I have two. Long stories, but special dogs. Before I adopted Fable, I had a foster dog for 6 months. Kaya was an incredibly insane, dog reactive/sometimes aggressive, hard-headed, hilarious, and high energy cattle dog mix. She had been adopted once, but returned after about 2 hours because...
  18. Annabell

    What made you get into dogs?

    I've been a dog person since I was little. I'd watch dog training tv shows and study dog breed encyclopedias for hours. I even researched breeders in my area that health tested and seemed reputable, so that if my mom ever allowed me to have a dog I'd be ready. When I turned 13 I started...
  19. Annabell

    Siege's Snow Day (and something else, too?)

    We should all make an effort to post more here. I've loved being a part of this community, and I don't want it to go away. The FB group is pretty active, so it's not like all the Chazzers just vanished off the face of the earth. Congrats on puppy! Your photos are so gorgeous, as are both...
  20. Annabell

    New Year, New Dog

    Thanks everyone! Official name now is CYPRESS! She's such a fabulous little pup. Her toy drive is starting to come out, which is really exciting for me because I'd love to get her started in disc. I've always thought it'd be cool to have a frisbee dog, especially since Ultimate is basically my...