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    A seriously hard hit
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    Gnash relaxing after some hard work

    Hot and humid today even at sunrise, gave the dogs a nice cool down swim after tracking, OB and bitework. They are sound asleep right now, tomorrow is another hard working day for them. Some water fetch games Just goofing around...
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    Raising children, how do you do it?

    I find that keeping them busy by giving em a job works wonders. Here is my son working, Cleaning up the mess he created Learned to catch his own food!
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    Run in with the strange kind

    So I was heading home after training and stop at the Petsmart to get a new floating toy (Creasy tore up the last one). I lock up and take Gnash out to go in with me, I leave the AC and engine running with Creasy inside. I am halfway to the store (still in the parking lot) when I hear Creasy go...
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    Anyone have a sweet tooth?

    I love deserts in any shape, form and size :) Gotta have something sweet on a daily basis. I was shocked when people accused me of having a sweet tooth, I mean it is the most natural thing in the world, no? I am perfectly ok with a healthy dose of ice cream, ice cream over cake, black...
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    My pup's x-rays

    Creasy turned a year old and it was time to check him out before we go high gear in training. I'm no ortho but look sorta ok to me, what do y'all think? I plan to send to the SV for A-Stamp review.
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    Creasy thinks he is all grown up

    ...still acts like an 8 week ol pup! but strikes like a pro, gotta give him that :)
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    A few pics of Gnash

    Boy having fun on Ohio, in fact he had so much fun that we got DQ'd. I learned the hard way that trialing a dog like Gnash 4 times in 4 months is too much!
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    Anyone using Pandora

    If so, is there another service you like better? I love Pandora and have streaming set to music like Starkillers, Benassi Bros, Lords of Acid, Deadmau5, Zombie Girl etc (you get the drift :) Wondering if there is another free service out there that is comparable or better?
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    Gnash's easter bunny

    Was fun while it (the chase) lasted.
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    Gnash's 2nd IPO3 trial video (protection phase)

    I never knew someone was taping! Anyhew, would really like to hear comments, let me know what you think (the good the bad and the ugly).
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    Malirator, this dog from your breeding?

    Kennel name sounds same. My fav video/music combination, gets us all psyched up on the way to training :)
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    Nice kennel

    Gnash and Creasy have this on their 2012 X-Mass wish list. Even has indoor lights so Gnash can read Creasy his bedtime stories!
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    nother newbi hello

    Hi everyone, I am Faisal and live with 10 fish, 2 dogs and a cat as far as the animal kingdom goes. Very glad to be here.