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  1. StompinT

    Attention Breed Experts

    So. Over the past 2 years, I realize that what I am looking for in a dog has changed a bit. Turns out I'm really, really interested in dog sports. Like, all of them. So, let's say I wanted a medium-ish sized dog, very biddable, reliable off leash (this is something I've taken for granted with...
  2. StompinT

    Ruff Love protocol?

    Has anyone used Susan Garrett's Ruff Love protocol? I have a very preliminary understanding of it. I'd love to hear thoughts on it.
  3. StompinT

    Harness - front attach but not restrictive

    I am looking for a(nother) harness for my 92 lb Bouvier. I own 5 harnesses, and don't love any of them. I feel like they all ride up too close to his armpits. The other issue is that I want a front clip option, but I don't want it to be a "no pull" harness that restricts movement. He is usually...
  4. StompinT

    Considering trialing in Obedience

    Anyone beginning to train for obedience right now? I've recently been considering trialing in obedience (never thought I'd be interested, but I think it might be fun), and I'd love a training partner (virtual partner). We've got a lot of basic behaviors down, but have never practiced official...
  5. StompinT

    Anyone ever go to Fenzi Camp?

    Has anyone ever attended the 4 day Fenzi camp? I'm going this year! Auditing. Can't wait.
  6. StompinT

    I blame all of you

    For my Fenzi addiction! I've now taken (or am in the process of taking) a total of 4 Fenzi classes. I can see years of class taking ahead of me here. I had never heard of it until this group, and when I investigated what this Fenzi business was about, it was EXACTLY the kind of instruction I had...
  7. StompinT

    Best nail clippers

    Which scissor style nail clippers are considered the best? Sharpest, easiest to use, etc.
  8. StompinT

    Close call

    I feel like Louis and I had a near miss this morning. We went for a walk adjacent to an off leash park, that is actually mountain biking and walking trails, and though not strictly an off leash park, a place where some people (me included) go to hike with dogs, off leash. We met two dogs...
  9. StompinT

    Dog boots

    So, I live on the Canadian prairie, and winters are rather harsh. I still like to get out with Louis, regardless of the weather, but feel he needs some boots. I'm never happy with the boots I try. Either they don't stay on, or snow gets trapped against his skin, or they don't have adequate...
  10. StompinT

    Fenzi Engagement Class - Gold

    Yeah, I was drawn to enroll at a Gold level for the Engagement class taught by Denise Fenzi. So excited! Anyone else taking it this term?
  11. StompinT

    Tuck sit HELP

    Louis believes he's physically incapable of doing a tuck sit. I am starting to believe him :/ This is a problem, because we are hoping to do rally-O, and every sit results in him about 2-3 feet behind me. He's a big guy! I've tried a few things, and nothing has produced a tuck sit. We've...
  12. StompinT

    Norwich vs Norfolk vs Border terriers

    Does anyone have much first hand experience with all 3 of the above breeds? How would you describe the major differences with them?
  13. StompinT

    Chinese Crested - sports?

    What do you know of the temperament and energy of Chinese Crested? Are they every run in agility?
  14. StompinT

    Engagement - Fenzi course

    Has anyone completed the Engagement class with Denise Fenzi? Thoughts on it? Is the Gold spot worth it? Reading through the syllabus, it seems pretty abstract, or hard to follow, or something. But I really need some help with engagement, in general.
  15. StompinT

    Distraction training at pet store

    Louis and I had a ball this morning at a pet store I never really go to. It has shelter cats in it, as well as tonnes of little fuzzy critters, and birds. I was really pleased at how Louis was willing to offer me attention (without me asking) even within 3 inches of a rabbit. LOL! Of course...
  16. StompinT

    Immediately off-putting

    I'd been told this before by Bouvier owners, and am experiencing it first hand. My Bouv is 16 months, intact, awesome boy. He can be a bit pushy / rude when soliciting play, especially with dogs he is bigger than. But nothing over the top. HOWEVER, several times when he is completely...
  17. StompinT

    Day 6 of raw feeding - disaster

    We're on day 6 of switching to raw. I fasted Louis for 24 hours, and started with chicken. Following whole prey - ish. Loose stool started after the first day. Continued to get worse, even while I was feeding very bone heavy cuts. He started getting me up a few times a night to be let out. I...
  18. StompinT

    First growl during nail trim

    15 month old intact Bouvier, just rumbled at me during nail trim, several times. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened. In fact, it's the first time I've heard him growl at all. It was more like a closed mouth rumble, but he was clearly wishing I wasn't grabbing at his...
  19. StompinT

    Ruffwear Front Range Harness - tracking?

    I have a Ruffwear Front Range Harness that seems pretty much perfect for us for biking, hiking, etc, but I have a question - I've just started tracking with Louis (my Bouvier who is crazily strong) and we're both loving it. Is this harness heavy duty and comfortable enough for tracking, keeping...
  20. StompinT

    What are your dogs favorite chew toys right now?

    Other than bully sticks and marrow bones, Louis doesn't really chew anything. I'd like to find a durable chew toy that might appeal to him. So far the bazillion nylabone varieties I've tried haven't held any interest for him. Also not interested in chewing on any Kong products so far, though he...