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    Chemical Pesticide Products Ban

    They banned more than 250 chemical pesticide products in Ontario. Researchers have found that pesticides can be associated with serious illnesses, including cancer, damage to the immune system, and neurological problems. Children are particularly vulnerable. Funny how they just found this now...
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    Regarding an Ad on Chazhound!

    I just saw this by visiting one of the forums here. It looks pretty bad - the site is basically teaching people how to become puppy millers and is advertising here. It states: "Make a Killing Breeding Dogs! Click Here Now!". This just makes all breeders look bad when you see such things and this...
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    Banks and lenders blaming others

    Did you notice how many politicians and CEOs of different financial institutions blame people for their foreclosures and that they were not supposed to be given mortgages/loans in the first place? Let's see, if someone worked at GM or Chrysler and had a good salary and what was a pretty stable...
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    Does anyone buy food at Wal-Mart's Superstores?

    They opened recently a huge superstore here in Ontario, Canada where I live and they sell food now. Some items are cheaper like meat for example. The problem is, there are stories that they import their meat from China and that some of it did not pass the Canadian food standards in the past...
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    Google Search had a major bug this morning!

    All of the websites found through Google Search were labeled as "This site may harm your computer." and could not be accessed this morning and it lasted for about 30-40 minutes. So if you saw this message, don't worry, not all of those sites are harmful. :) They are saying that some company...
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    Is bottled water really better than tap water?

    I drink bottled water from time to time, but is this water really any better than tap water? Some time ago they found out that Dasani from Coca-Cola is not natural spring water at all. Now, they call it purified water with artificially added minerals. Many people told me that tap water is just...
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    What digital SLR camera would you recommend?

    I was looking at different DSLR cameras currently on the market, but cannot decide on which one to get. I heard Nikon cameras are good, but they are also pricey, especially when considering the lenses. The other brands I looked at so far are Canon, Pentax and Sony. Pentax and Sony seem to have...
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    Apple removes DRM from iTunes!

    Good news for iTunes users! "Apple Inc. is dropping the digital copyright locks from most of the songs it sells through iTunes, a move that could prove to be a death blow for the music industry's attempts to control how consumers buy and listen to music." From Wednesday's Globe and Mail I...
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    Bye-Bye Analog TV!

    After February 17, 2009, all analog signals will be broadcast in digital. The main reason behind the switch is that digital signal takes less bandwidth than analog, and as a result, broadcasting companies will be able to add more channels for a lower cost. You will most likely need a...
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    Did the Obamas pick a dog?

    Just wondering if they chose what dog will be in the White House? Nobody is talking about it anymore, I know they said many people suggested a rescue dog. It would have to be a puppy since the girls are probably eager to play with him/her and also a dog that sheds very little because of allergies.
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    Excited about Windows 7?

    Windows 7 will be released in the summer of 2009. Just wanted to see how many of you are planning on switching from XP/Vista to this new OS? I use Vista on my desktop computer and Windows XP on my laptop. So far, I only had problems with Vista. Service Pack 1 did fix some issues, but there are...
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    What are your thoughts on dog parks?

    We own a boxer, and we took him to different dog parks a couple of times, but every time we would see other dogs fighting or biting each other. Everyone says that it is good to socialize your dog with other dogs. It seems that people just bring their dogs to drain their energy and do not care...
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    Hello from the cold Canada!

    Just wanted to say Hi to all of the members. This is a pretty nice community. I own a white male boxer and he is 2 years old. His name is Mark and he is very playful. We call him a regal dog because he looks very royal and we treat him like a king. :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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    New Website Launched for Dog Breeders & Dog Lovers!

    Hi, a new website was just launched for dog breeders and dog lovers. is an online community of purebred dog breeders where breeders can create their own profile pages that feature and promote their kennel and their dogs. These profile pages can be used to showcase your dogs, as well...