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  1. gymangel812

    Unnecessary (and sometimes aggressive) barking

    my aussie has developed a habit over the past month or two of excessive barking, especially around other dogs. she does agility (and has for 6+ months) and the barking is particularly bad there. she can sound aggressive when she barks also. it's worse with certain dogs. it's hard to get her...
  2. gymangel812

    Pre Agility exercises/training

    so i plan on starting my aussie on agility at the end of january. besides basic obedience, more specifically stays & sits/downs, and targeting. what other things could we be working on?
  3. gymangel812

    Husky - not interested in dog food

    So I've got a sib. husky. he doesn't seem to be interested in dog food. i'm pretty sure he's hungry because it tries to take things off the counter and will gladly eat pretty much anything that's not dog food. i've tried putting some chicken broth on the food which makes him more likely to eat...
  4. gymangel812

    jogging/long walks & puppies

    so i'd like to start taking my 8 month old aussie on some 1-2 mile walks/jogs but i was told by someone that i shouldn't and it would damage their young bones/joints. is this true? should i not do this? if not, when is it safe?
  5. gymangel812

    alternative to elizabethan collar

    so my female aussie got spayed today. unfortunately she needs an ecollar/lampshade/cone, etc. so i went to a pet store and found an inflatable blue donut thing that was supposed to be the same but better. i put it on her, it seems to be the right size but she can still get to her incision (with...
  6. gymangel812

    where to buy a no pull harness?

    where's a good place to buy one? does walmart have some? are there any brands/types i should look for?
  7. gymangel812

    2 dogs playing too roughly, help!

    my parents have 2 dogs, a pomeranian (puppy) and a schipperke. they play together a lot and when they play it's pretty rough but until today, no one got hurt so i thought they were fine. today, the schipperke got about a 5" gash from the pom. she had to be rushed to the vet to get stitches. it...
  8. gymangel812

    cooked chicken bones help!

    i think my puppy just ate a cooked chicken wing bone and all. is there anything i can do now??? or do i just wait? what should i be looking for??
  9. gymangel812

    Bully Sticks

    my puppy loves these and they're pretty long lasting. where's the cheapest place to get them (more specifically the longer 12"-ish ones)?
  10. gymangel812

    targeting & clicker training

    i'm working on training my puppy to touch my hand for targeting using clicker training. i can't get her to just touch her nose to my hand. she just tries to mouth it like i have a treat in it. how could i get her to nose it?
  11. gymangel812

    puppy playing too rough with other dog, help!

    so my aussie puppy and my whippet play together a lot but sometimes my whippet doesn't want to play/be bothered and the puppy keeps trying to play and herd her (nips at her back end). the puppy has drawn blood twice. how do i get the puppy to not do this? i've tried correcting her and seperating...
  12. gymangel812

    Generic Heartguard / MDR1 gene question

    has anyone ordered generic heartguard from here?: am i safe ordering the generic? second question, I have an aussie puppy and my breeder said she could have the MDR1 gene that causes problems when the dog gets ivermectin. but i've found...
  13. gymangel812

    dog aggression

    So i have a siberian husky, I was not smart and didn't really socialize him with many dogs when he was a puppy (he is now 3 years old) and i decided to take him to the dog park with my other 2 dogs for the second time today. he seems to be showing some aggression towards big, dominant dogs. he...
  14. gymangel812

    housebreaking problems

    so my puppy is about 10 weeks old & an australian shepherd. i'm working on housebreaking. i watch her all the time and take her out at least every 1/2 hour when not sleeping & after food and water. she's being crate trained too and never had an accident in there (even when she was in the crate...
  15. gymangel812

    Puppy classes & socialization

    Are puppy classes necessary for socialization? I'm definently capable of training my new puppy on my own but should I take my puppy to classes anyways for socialization? If I just socialize her without classes, what places do you all suggest I take her to socialize her? I'm not too keen on...
  16. gymangel812

    Puppies & bones

    So I just recently got myself an Australian Shepherd puppy. She really loves to chew, especially on the healthy edibles nylabones but she chews them pretty quick. She didn't want the regular nylabones. What are some good long lasting, safe to leave in the cage bones? Or should I just assume it's...
  17. gymangel812

    Puppy Dilemma

    So I'm in the process of finding an Australian Shepherd puppy. I have found 2 breeders that I like. One, has the color I would like more. The other has a structure that I like more, but doesn't have the color I want, and I like the breeder better. Would you choose the better structure or color?