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  1. ThreePs

    Raw guys- help me calculate percentages

    I started my Pap on raw by purchasing rolls from a friend who orders from Top Quality Dog Food. It is time to place my own order and I'm overwhelmed! Their menu is too extensive for this neophyte. Timber is 11.5, missing all incisors and lots of molars, and is 7.5lbs. Any bone small enough to...
  2. ThreePs

    Less harmful flea & tick preventative?

    I'm looking for less toxic flea and tick prevention options than Advantix. I'm happy with the heartworm prevention I'm using (heartguard). I live in the Mid-Atlantic with tons of ticks and the constant worry of Lyme. I rent so do not feel sprinkling DE and spraying the property are options. In...
  3. ThreePs

    Groomer to teach me

    Is it reasonable to ask a groomer to teach me to groom my own dog? I understand this, long-term, removes potential income from the groomer. I've never used a pro groomer, nor will I. I would pay for her time, of course. If so, how do you suggest I ask? There are a few grooming shops around...