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  1. Locke

    Daycare People

    So, I had a trial shift at a dog daycare recently, and they used a citronella bark collar on a dog that wouldn't stay quiet. Is this a common practice is daycares? I've decided not to take the position due to other things, but just curious if I should expect to see them used during future...
  2. Locke

    Living far from family

    In 5-10 years, I would really love to move out west to British Columbia, as long as my partner was able to secure a job there. The main thing keeping me (us) here is our families. We would be a 5 hr. flight away or 4-5 day drive. We are both quite close with our families. For those of you...
  3. Locke

    Large vs. Small Senior Dogs

    Senior Dogs Large vs. Small? What are your experiences in caring for large senior dogs vs. small senior dogs? The level of care a senior dog will need is an important factor in choosing my next dog. My experience with senior dogs is limited, so I would appreciate reading about yours. My...
  4. Locke

    Importing Dogs/Puppies

    What are your thoughts/experiences with importing a dog/puppy from another continent? The dog will primarily just be an active pet, and there are local breeders I could get a dog from, but I much prefer the look, substance, and health of the dogs in Europe. I'm already on the fence about...
  5. Locke

    Therapy Dog Home Visits?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if there are programs that offer in-home private therapy dog visits to the elderly or house bound? I've only ever heard of/seen therapy dogs visit institutions like hospitals, schools, and old folk homes.
  6. Locke

    Foster Doodle

    This is Glacier, he's a 4 year old Doodle. He's enormous (90lbs), with a heart to match his size. He suffered severe accidental burns to his back and back left leg a year ago, but aside from hair loss, the burns don't seem to bother him at all. He really does have a heart of gold.
  7. Locke

    How important is tone of voice?

    After watching Linds's videos with Hiccup, I realized that my "good boy"/reinforcement/excited voice is actually really boring. It's not enticing at all! I don't know if it has effected any of my training with Smiley, but I can't help but wonder if he would be more driven if my happy voice...
  8. Locke

    Going from rescue route to breeder route

    I'm having a bit of a moral dilemma about next dog. I've been involved in rescue for the past few years, and am passionate about rescuing dogs. I know I can easily find my perfect next dog in rescue, and there are so many benefits to getting a rescue dog, and I really have NO reason NOT to...
  9. Locke

    Kwazy Cupcake

    Smiley had a little burst of crazy on our way to the beach
  10. Locke


    Man-buns are all the rage, Smiley wanted in with the cool crowd. Share your dog-buns!
  11. Locke

    Crate bedding/padding in the summer?

    What do you use as bedding/padding in your crates during the summer? We try to keep the house as cool as possible without using the AC while we're gone, but I think Smiley probably gets pretty hot with his comforter in there. I'm just not sure what else to use that will stay cool but give him...
  12. Locke

    Biothane Harness?

    Is there such a thing?? Smiley only wears a harness, and his is getting all sandy and smelly from our beach trips. I've seen biothane horse halters, and other styles of harness, so I figure it would be possible to make a step-in harness, but can't find one anywhere. Any help? I...
  13. Locke

    Avatar: The Last Air Bender

    My SO has got me hooked on Avatar! I've never been able to watch anime because I find the over exaggerated facial expressions and reactions REALLLY annoying. But then I watched Avatar, and I just couldn't help but love it. Who can resist a Wind Buffalo?? Anyway, is there other anime...
  14. Locke

    Raw feeding and hair and nail growth

    Smiley's nails and hair grow SO quickly, I can hardly keep up!! He's also the first dog I've had that is fed raw, and I'm wondering if that is contributing to his extreme hair/nail growth? Anyone else have this issue? I feel like I should be doing his nails every night to keep them...
  15. Locke

    He won't play with toys outside

    Smiley LOVES tug and fetch in our home, but outdoors, it's a struggle to get him to engage in either. I think he's a tiny bit distracted by all the good smells, but even when I have his full attention and he is engaged with me, he does not want to play with the toy. I want to start our...
  16. Locke

    Some Smiley

    I love this dog! He's pushed me past my comfort zone, but I'm really enjoying all these challenges. These past couple months have shown how he is progressing and it's just so GREAT!
  17. Locke

    Dog Beds

    I'm trying to find a medium sized, washable cover, rectangular pillow dog bed. preferably under $50. I can't seem to find one anywhere! Anyone have recommendations?
  18. Locke

    Poodle Face

    When I adopted Smiley, he was groomed like a doodle, and for the past 6 months, I've been trimming him here and there, but left him with a fuzzy snout. This morning I decided it was time to see what was under that fuzz, and I'm so glad I did!! He went from this: To this:
  19. Locke

    Your Dream House

    What's your image of your dream house? Where would it be located? What are some must haves? Do you already live in your dream home? My dream house would be located in British Columbia, on 5-10 acres. The property would have a creek/pond and a mountain view. I'd like it to be...
  20. Locke

    Teach a dog to catch?

    I adopted my dog Smiley in August and he has all the properties of a great disc dog, except he does not catch things! I don't know much about his background, other than he was dumped at a shelter because he was "chewing the kids' toys". Anyway, he's incredibly fast, can jump really high and...