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    OMG, i can't believe I'm even posting this

    Most of you know that my first sheltie, Beau, was shot to death by a cruel neighbor about 5 years ago. He came into our yard and shot him at close range. We rushed him to the vet but even after lots of money, he died. It's taken me a long time, and I'm still not over it. Well, today my mom...
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    Blah..morning sickness

    Any tips on dealing with it? I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant, but the MS just hit me like three days ago. Ever since then, I can't look at or even smell food without wanting to gag. Any remedies??? :(
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    I'm pregnant!!!

    I just found out last night. I've been suspecting it for a week, but I just got around to testing yesterday. I'm about a month along, which means the baby will be born at the very end of next June or the first of July. Micah is sooooo excited! We've been trying for a couple of months now, so we...
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    New horse- YAY!!!

    Well, not my horse, but my best friend's horse lol. She got a phone call last week from a woman who had a 23 year old thorougbred mare that desperately needed a new home. The mare is a finished dressage horse that once had a very good show career. The owner's husband was suddenly transferred...
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    Cat litter snack

    Does anyone else have a dog who loves cat litter? Andy is obsessed and it is really getting annoying. It's so gross!! We shut the door to the bathroom where the cat box is, but if we forget and leave it open, he comes up to me with a nose full of cat litter. Is this dangerous for him to eat? I...
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    pet store sheltie...gag

    Hubby and I went furniture shopping yesterday at the mall. Of course I had to check out the pet store to see if there were any cute toys for Andy. Well, no such luck with toys but the store did have about twenty very poorly bred puppies. There was a PITIFUL sable and white sheltie. I could have...
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    Rude old lady ruined our day

    I can't believe what just happened. Micah and I were coming out of the grocery store when some snobby old lady ran a stop sign and almost hit our mustang. As if that's not bad enough, she gave us the finger and proceeded to roll down her window and curse my husband out for not yielding to her...
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    cat declawing

    Okay, first of all, I know this isn't a dog question, but I figured I'd get more responses in this forum. Second of all, relax. I'm not thinking about declawing our cat. I know it's very cruel and I would never put her through that. Okay, with that said, are there any declawing alternatives...
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    Raw turkey necks..okay right??

    They are okay as a treat right? I thought I remember reading that on here somewhere. Turkey necks were on sale today at the store so I bought a pack, but I wanted to double check on here before I give Andy one. Do I give him the whole thing at once? How often can he have one?
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    Mexican Food...blahhh

    I love mexican food, but I get sick EVERY time I eat it! It's so annoying. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not talking about a simple stomach ache, I mean I get literally sick for days when I eat it. I caved in and had mexican for lunch, and I've been throwing up ever since. It happens...
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    Andy gave me a heart attack this morning...

    I was outside this morning washing hubby's mustang (trying to be a good wife and suprise him with a clean car) and of course Andy had to be outside with me. Otherwise he would have sat by the door and barked, thus waking hubby up. Anyways, I put him on his leash of course and tied him loosely to...
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    Halloween costumes- What will your dogs be?

    Is anyone dressing up their dogs for Halloween? Hubby and I don't really celebrate it, but omg I found the cutest outfit for Andy. He's going to be.... the toothfairy!! It's the funniest thing you have ever seen....I'll get pics the next time I can convince him to get in it. What are your dogs...
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    Andy pics-my baby is grown

    Andy is such a big boy! Look at these pics! I LOVE his's a lot of work but it is growing in so nicely. :) Posing lol..he's such a dork Ahhhh- the infamous sheltie head tilt "Mom, are we done yet?" Note his partner in crime peeking out from the door *More*
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    Painting my bathroom *pics*

    Our house is going up for sale on the 4th, so I'm working on some final painting today. Our bathroom was in rough shape, so instead of painting the whole wall white again, I decided to sponge paint it a light sand color. The color looks funny in these pics, but you get the idea. That bathroom...
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    Yay Andy!

    I just have to brag on my little guy....I went to have lunch with hubby and decided that Andy is getting mature enough to leave out of his kennel for small amounts of time. I am finally able to trust him not to tear the house apart or have to go potty :) I left him free inside the house for...
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    We're selling our house! YAY!!!!

    I'm so excited! Our house is going on the market on October 4th. We are looking for a bigger house so that we can entertain guests. I also want a nice fenced in backyard for Andy. I'll let you guys know when the virtual tour gets up and running. Anyone want to buy a house in Georgia?? :D
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    Update on hubby's ankle!

    Okay everyone. Sorry I didn't post an update sooner, but we didn't get back from the DR until really late. Anyways, the verdict? GOUT! You guys are incredible...thanks for your information. I knew exactly what gout was and totally impressed the doctor :D Anyways, poor hubby is doing...
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    Ugh Petsmart

    On top of everything that's going on with my hubby's ankle, we are going to see my parents tomorrow in Savannah, GA. We will be gone for a week. Well, Andy is a little smelly so I though I'd run him by a groomer while I ran some other errands. My normal groomer was all booked up, so I called the...
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    We might be getting another dog...

    We took Andy to petsmart on Saturday (I take him once a week for socialization) and of course they were having their pet adoptions. Well, hubby, who usually takes no interest in those animals, was immediately attracted to a two year old pit bull. I mean, I couldn't tear him away from her! She...
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    Husband's ankle...any ideas???

    Yesterday morning my husband woke up with a really sore ankle. He hadn't done anything to it except sleep. Anyways, the pain has gotten worse and now he can't even put any weight on it. The pain, he says, is unbearable. He had to take off of work today, but we can't get in touch with a doctor...