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    Haven't posted any pictures of my puppy and she is already 9 months old. Can you guess what cross-breed she is?
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    Kris & Agility

    I will be starting Kris in Foundation Agility on the 8th of February. She has been spayed and is ready to go. It will certainly be different than training my little dogs in Agility, really looking forward to it.
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    Kris, my Doberman Kris was 9 months old yesterday and weighs 70 lbs. I have been training her since she was a puppy but she starts in her first Obedience class tomorrow night. I am hoping to start Agility Foundation with her after the...
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    Our first trial for this year is March 9/10th. I am hoping to get my two advanced Q's in Snooker so he will move into Masters in everything. They don't offer as many Snooker classes at the trials as they do the Gamblers and Jumpers there being only two (one each day) whereas the other games...
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    Agility Foundation class

    One more Saturday and we are finished until Jan. 5th, 2013. We have done all the equipment now but I am just running the channel for the weaves until the next session as Lucy won't be a year until Feb. 2nd. We just did a couple of new pieces of equipment at each class, starting out with...
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    Remmy's Master Gamblers Just missed a Q by a few seconds. Remmy loves tunnels and has been bad about me directing him to the right tunnel mouth so had to be a little louder about stopping him going through the wrong tunnel mouth.
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    Weekend of Agility

    Arrived home today from our Sat. & Sun. Agility trials. Remmy didn't have a good weekend. First of all he was attacked by a Smooth Haired Fox Terrier that came barrelling out of the ring and grabbed him when he was sitting beside me. It got a couple of good bites in before I could fend it off...
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    Our first Agility trial this year

    March 9th-10th is our first AAC Agility Trial. We have not been able to do any training since last fall but they have finally opened up the Indoor Arena that has been shut down for the past two years. We made arrangements to rent it for an hour on the 22nd, 29th and March 7th. They will be...
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    New Member

    I am sorry for all the problem I had registering. I had not realized that the emails to activate were in my Spam file. That has been rectified so should not have any more trouble. I have a Bernese Mtn Dog x and three little Shih Tzu x Maltese. I compete in AAC Agility with Remmy and...