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    Refilling the toy box

    Alright everyone, I was going through the dogs toybox last night and pretty much cleared out everything. I'm looking for some great new toys, any suggestions? Thanks Abby
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    Pat on the Back

    I just want to put this out there that Vanillasugar passed Puppy Pulling 101 with flying colors yesterday afternoon!!!!:) Thank you again Julia for helping me with Sara's delivery, I wouldn't have been able to get that puppy out without your help! Abby - who is surrounded be lab puppy...
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    Christmas Fun

    Ok we are having fun at work....AGAIN! Here are pictures of Mud and Sierra posing for the camera with their Christmas collars. Abby
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    Wahl KM2 vs Switchblade

    Ok guys I have to replace my Andis and right now Wahl is what I can afford and get ASAP. Anybody have a preference for either the KM2 or the Switchblade? I have used the KM2 many moons ago and liked it. What I'm hearing about the Switchblade is if you're use to an Andis the on/off switch will...
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    Itchy, scratchy, tried everything

    Hello Everyone I am looking for suggestions outside the box on a 18 month old Lab. She is the infamous Mud that can be seen posted by Vanilla Sugar. (Okay maybe not infamous, but she's posted pics of her a few times). Mud has had chronic skin issues (dermatitis in groin and armpits) since...