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  1. misfitz

    Lost Pets of Southern California

    This is what I've been working on lately...modeled after Lost Dogs of Illinois but localized for Southern California. I share lost & found posts on Facebook and Twitter, and have a blog/website where I share tips for finding lost pets (or finding the person who lost the pet you found). If...
  2. misfitz

    Question about kennel names & registered names

    The naming threads have me there a standard for when you put the kennel name in front of vs. behind the dogs name? Excepting the German breeds, of course, since most GSD's and so forth seem to be So-and-so Von Kennelname. I'm totally clueless about pedigrees and stuff, so just...
  3. misfitz

    Interesting DNA test results and question

    My grandparents did the Mars DNA test on their dog, and I'd like to get your guys' thoughts on the results. Fritz looks pretty much like a pure rottie to me, if a somewhat out of standard one. The DNA test says she is half rottie, 1/4 Swiss mountain dog and 1/4 Finnish spitz. I could kind of...
  4. misfitz

    Lost Aussie in Los Angeles, CA area Cooper is a missing male Australian Shepherd in the North Hollywood/Sherman Oaks/Encino area of Los Angeles as of 9/29/12. DO NOT CHASE. CALL 818-486-6895. Please help! One of his owners has cancer, and misses him very much. Description...
  5. misfitz

    Aussies vs. Border Collies

    How are they alike/different? I'm thinking about one as my next dog (not for a few years yet) and am interested in the differences in their personalities. I've met a few BC's, and many of the trainers in my obedience club have Aussies, so I'm getting to know Aussies fairly well. From my...
  6. misfitz

    How do you keep your house clean?? W/multiple pets and/or longhaired dogs?

    This might belong under "fire hydrant" so sorry if you have to move it, mods. But I need HELP! I'm under siege! It's summer in Southern California, and everything is dry, dead and dusty. My dog has a Sheltie-type coat and hairy little paws. Sienna is a magnet for dust, dirt, twigs, leaves...
  7. misfitz

    Think lost, not stray! And tips for finding lost pets

    I just wanted to share this website in case anybody out there hasn't seen it. Missing Pet Partnership has loads of advice for finding lost dogs & cats. They even have "profiles" of lost pet behavior, based on the way lost humans are profiled by search and rescue. It's kind of like lost pet SAR...
  8. misfitz

    Grooming products?

    So I read this: In the thread about show weight. I'd love to elaborate! What grooming products do you use/like/hate? Especially interested in opinions from owners of fluffy dogs and those who show in conformation. And any recommendations for natural products? I'm still shopping...
  9. misfitz

    Careers/Jobs with Dogs

    Who here works with dogs for a living? What do you do? How did you get into it? I'd love to eventually do something dog-related as a job. I realize it will be a long transition, and may only end up being part time, but that's better than nothing. I'm mostly thinking in terms of...
  10. misfitz

    Exercise and activity level definitions?

    Or something like that. The dog breed selector thread got me thinking about this. All of the questions about your (the human's) exercise level seemed overly vague to me. There are so many degrees in between "couch potato" "jogger" and "olympic athlete" that I don't think those limited options...
  11. misfitz

    From AKC: New Texas Bills Unfair to Responsible Owners and Breeders

    From: American Kennel Club - New Texas Bills Unfair to Responsible Owners and Breeders [Monday, February 21, 2011] Two bill of concern have been introduced in the Texas State Legislature and AKC encourages Texas residents to begin educating their legislators about the unintended...
  12. misfitz

    German shepherds, other breeds banned from dog event

    But the list of banned breeds is "classified"?? Now how does that make any sense? (Not that BSL makes sense in the first place.) German shepherds, other breeds banned from dog event -
  13. misfitz

    Dog Dies After Spending 3 Hours In Hot Animal Control Truck

    So sad. :( Dog Dies After Spending 3 Hours In Hot Animal Control Truck|, Memphis News, Entertainment, Videos, Business Search and Shopping
  14. misfitz

    HSUS: Doing All It Reasonably Can to Railroad Small Shelters in Need

    HSUS: Doing All It Reasonably Can to Railroad Small Shelters in Need YesBiscuit!
  15. misfitz

    A dog's vocabulary

    I just made a list of all the commands Sienna knows, and she knows nearly 35 different ones! Not including non-command words that she knows like 'walk' or 'dinner' or 'mom'. :D Made me feel good about her training! I also (finally) made notes about what each command means and what about it...
  16. misfitz

    Thrifty dog toys!

    The water bottle thread got me thinking - someone was using empty water bottles as treat dispensers, which is a great idea! What other clever recycling ideas has anyone come up with? There's the old standby, tie a knot in an old sock for instant chew rope. Any others?
  17. misfitz

    Los Angeles, CA - RUBY - ID#A0624586 spayed female GSD

    I'm a volunteer writing on behalf of a wonderful GSD girl at the West LA shelter. Please forward, crosspost, and courtesy list if possible! I have a soft spot for shepherds, and Ruby (ID#A0624586) is special. She's a beautiful 5 year old German Shepherd, mostly black with tan/sable and some...
  18. misfitz

    How do you advertise your rescue/shelter dogs?

    So I'm a volunteer at a rescue and a city shelter, where I walk dogs and help out at adoption events. Primarily, though, what I do is post ads for our dogs online, and network to breed-specific rescues. I have a list of adoption websites, but mainly use Craigslist (it works, and most people...
  19. misfitz

    Flea control for heavy coated breeds?

    Sorry if this belongs in Dog Health, it seemed like sort of a grooming problem to me. Fluffy dog owners - what do you use for fleas? My dog is a mix of (I think) Sheltie and/or Pom, and she has quite a mane. We use Advantage successfully on the cats, but Sienna's fur just soaks it up. It's...
  20. misfitz

    Name that mix?

    Hi, I'm new here and mostly have been lurking but decided to come out of hiding. :) This is my rescue pup, Sienna. It's the enduring mystery of my life what breeds she's a mix of. Any guesses? I don't have any pics of her standing. She's 20 lbs and 18" tall, and sleeps...