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  1. Stuck baby sitting again!!

    Stuck baby sitting again!!

    Corgan is not too happy..but he is a good brother and will take good care of Nathan
  2. It's a dogs life!!

    It's a dogs life!!

    Nathan just chilling out a little..he works so hard!
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    Help w\potty training

    Nathan is 3 months old....I'm trying to train him of course....he pee's out on the deck where my other dog goes...but... he also just squats where ever when he wants to. I don't remember what age they finally "get it". Any help out there???? Phyl
  4. baby boy baby boy

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    Comment by 'phyl' in media 'Riley'

    what kind of puppy is he? He looks like my Nathan. So cute!!
  6. New puppy and old pal

    New puppy and old pal

    You remember Corgan right?? Well here is his new little brother Nathan..we call him Nathie..what a lover boy
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    Lifting leg?

    Lifting leg We thought Corgan my Husky was a little confused with his sex....he did not lift his leg to pee until he was over a year Phyl
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    stinky farts

    Hey Top Dog Stink-Farts I'm sure the farting situation is the food. I have a Husky and he has the worst diet. All he wants is boiled chicken and rice! He was a sickly puppy....always had lose stool, so the doc put him on the chicken and rice and I never could break him of it...or break me of...
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    Hello there! I am new here!

    hi there....welcome. My daughter just got a little apple head Chihuahua. She has 2 big lab mixes also. I have Corgan....a Sieb Husky. I love the site too....hope to be talking to you. Phyl
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    Renne get your thinking cap on

    Will do Renee, thank you once again! You are a great mentor too!! Phyl
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    Comment by 'phyl' in media 'Kharma at one month old'

    Oh Renee how cute. I want to jump in the picture and kiss her. I love the fat tummy :d
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    Renne get your thinking cap on

    My daughter has 2 lab mix's. She wants to get a min dobbie. Someone told her that they would not be good with other that true?? She was dissapointed. They also told her that they were ver snappy. Phyl :(
  13. Buddy's for Life

    Buddy's for Life

    Say Cheese! Corgan was a little younger here....
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    The misunderstood puppy

    Hey Rae I remember when my daughter was growing up....Jesse our black lab mix would console her when she cried. He never asked any questions....but was just there to give her unconditional love. We all should learn from that. Loved you letter.....Phyl :D
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    He talks and we talk just like him

    Hey Renee My daughter has 2 black lab mixes. She always goes to the humaine Society for her animals. But now she wants a mini dobbie. Which means she has to get papers etc. She is also thinking of breading. Any suggestions? She was married last year and they will some day have children...
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    He talks and we talk just like him

    Corgan talks a lot! I think he also has us trained to talk for him. We talk "Doggie talk" to him and "For Him". As if we really know what he is saying to us. Any other crazies out there? ;)
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    What Does Your Dog Have to Say?

    Funny you asked!
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    Comment by 'phyl' in media 'Waiting patiently for Mom and Dad'

    Hi Jo ....thanks for the comment on Corgan. Talk is not the word! One time my Mom accidently locked him out on the patio and when my husband let him in, he ran to her room and started "Yelling" at her. So cute!! I love them all Phyl PS....hey.....great site!!
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    Comment by 'phyl' in media 'Jasmin Nixon'

    what a puppy....I'm in love with her.
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    sorry everyone

    Renne.....We live in Florida so it usually always warm or hot. I took Corgan for his hair cut today....he looks funny. I'll have to take a pic for you. I love Court TV. I watch it every chance I must have an interesting life. Hard though. I love Nancy Grace, she is so...