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    Three Wishes

    what?? never heard of that one... enlighten me, please
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    I found this quote

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    Has anyone seen my hounddog?

    ditto soccerwoofer. im so sorry that happened... :: prays for you::
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    The misunderstood puppy

    heh thats a good story... hope you get that problem fixed soon :)
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    Miricle Dog

    wow- Dosh has had a hard life. i hope he can conjur up more miracles, like he already has. good luck!
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    treck, the dorkiest dog around!

    hoy, Corey! i do love your site... and your dogs sound awesome!!
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    What's your favorite breed?

    aww! thats so sweet... but she had such a sad and unfortunate beginning to life. we are all glad that she found you. i know that i would probably never be able to live up to the responsibility of owning such a special and unique dog. i hope that you guys live long lives together- keep her...
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    hmm... i always thought of it as Pets mart, since its a "mart" kinda place. our old dog, snoopy, used to be soo possessive when we tossed him steak bones.. he almost bit my dads hand off when he tried to take it away. then we started to use pepper. PRESTO!! pepper is a miracle. my dads...
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    World's Smallest Dog

    yup. try to find one... that would be fun to see!
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    What's your favorite breed?

    cool. how did the wolf thing come across... she's a rescue? and what are those strang habits? i used to have a dog who would sit every time he heard the TV come on.... lol
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    thanx! I know I'll have to tell her that.... do you know which members have Dobies? I have some questions....
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    What's your favorite breed?

    huh. interesting- thats an interesting combination, but im glad it works for you!
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    oo btw, Renee750il, i am looking at some rescue groups- im looking at one called DAR&E, but still need to convince my parents its ok- lol ::crosses fingers::
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    What's your favorite breed?

    hehe i know- my parents think i am crazy and obsessed. i say passionate. i saw a piccie of your Saluki in the gallery- gorgeous!
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    I guess I'm the newest member

    WELCOME, EVERYONE!!! hehe hope to see your babies too! good luck!
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    Congrats, Chazhound

    this is a great place! thanks Chazhound!
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    hi! WELCOME!!! i second soccerwoofer, youre lucky to have pets like that... ::sigh:: hope you enjoy ur stay!! (im new too)
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    On the lips??

    i know some ppl think its gross, but i love it too! doggies are the best kissers, in my opinion, and theres always mouthwash!
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    awww, thx you guys!! i hope i get mine soon, too... sry you had to wait so long for yours, soccerwoofer. btw, how do i get a siggy on this site?