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  1. Bubba Love

    Collection of my photos on flikr

    been gathering up some of my better photos and throwing them all on my flikr... let me know what you all think[email protected]/
  2. Bubba Love

    Bubba sleeping

    Been a while since i posted some pictures... only a little over a week till his 14th birthday... _JAY0126 by SeeingEyeHuman _JAY0118 by SeeingEyeHuman _JAY0083 by SeeingEyeHuman _JAY0081 by SeeingEyeHuman pictures were takes with a Nikon D7000 paired with a 1969 nikon 55mm 3.5 micro...
  3. Bubba Love


    We've had some bad storms here in st.louis... these are taken from my balcony... not the best backdrop or foreground, but its good practice only ground strike of the set... i had more but they washed out the photo with light... i will have to speed up the shutter a little bit next time...
  4. Bubba Love

    Bubba at the river (video and pictures)

    took him down to the sand-bar today for some tug of war and fetch videos are available in 780p, just click the cog at the bottom of the video to adjust F3vMJGcscTs jIrWEuyx7es as always, let me know what you think :)
  5. Bubba Love

    bubba after 10 years

    bubba at 3 years old bubba at 13
  6. Bubba Love

    mods please delete, double post

    sorry things were on the fritz so it doubleposted
  7. Bubba Love

    Bubba videos!

    starting up a youtube channel for bubba now that i have a camera that takes video... these are of me playing fetch with him, will have more coming all the time.. especially when it warms up
  8. Bubba Love

    New camera... same bubba

    upgraded to a nikon D7000, cant upgrade the dog though... he doesnt need it
  9. Bubba Love

    Fleas!!!! D:

    so my stepfathers son went overseas on a tour of duty and left his flea ridden dog here with us without telling us he had fleas, now my dog, and my stepdads dog have fleas and i am pissed, i was wondering if someone could let me know what they did that worked to get rid of them, and what type of...
  10. Bubba Love

    Camping/hiking trip with the dogs! (TONS of pics)

    went down to a place called camp little zoe to camp for the weekend, its the first time i have had bubba near water since he went blind so i was nervous, the first day my brother and i walked down to the waters edge just to see how they would do first thing we saw was this cave bubba had...
  11. Bubba Love

    Facebook page?

    thought it would be cool if chazhound had one
  12. Bubba Love

    Midwest chazzers?

    just wondering how many of you are out there, preferably close to missouri, curious as to if we have enough chazzers around here to get a meet going... i know tons of great parks around here that could easily support a huge dog gathering
  13. Bubba Love

    Happy easter

    happy easter everyone... hope yours was as wonderful as mine
  14. Bubba Love

    Easter With the old man (bubba)

    thought ide get him out and about on an absolutely gorgeous easter day as always, let me know what you think
  15. Bubba Love

    Bubba 2012

    here is, going on 12 years old in may, and STILL hasnt slowed down thanks everyone... more to come soon!
  16. Bubba Love

    Everyone loves a fire

    few shots i took last night i see a dragon in this one (head on the left) a fox of fire looking at his own tail i see a horse dunno... ? let me know what you think
  17. Bubba Love

    Bubba relaxing

    one of his fav places to lay
  18. Bubba Love

    Nice day for dogs

    it was kind of nice today, still a bit chilly but the sun was out since he went blind he has been doing this goofy high step, its sad at the same time but i finally got a picture of him doing it his signature meerkat move ghostly fetch um up! i wonder what he...
  19. Bubba Love

    soo... i find out..

    that after two years has passed since i inherited this camera... and thousands of photos... that every setting on my camera that relates to image vividity, size, and quality was set to its worst setting(just found a manual, havent known where it was since my mother passed) so now that i...
  20. Bubba Love

    lotta snow and one blind pooch

    lil update on the bub, he loves snow very much, though he cant find his toy buried under it all, oh well looking for it is just as fun whippy tail lil snooper the only oops of the day mush! me has cold bum! oh, there you arent blizzard you has toy? yum...