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  1. NicoleLJ


    Has anyone else been watching the Piper story the past 2yrs? WOW this is really scary to me the precidence that this "rescue" is trying to set. They want it so that no matter how a dog ends up in rescue(stolen, got loose or so on) that as soon as a rescue picks it up it automatically becomes...
  2. NicoleLJ

    Sheena passed away yesterday

    For those wishing to read her obituary you can find it here:
  3. NicoleLJ

    We are about to be the new converts to Raw

    Looks like we will be switching to raw in about a week. Sheena has developed allergies to her kibble and I am not comfortable at her age going through kibble after kibble trying to find one that will work. Esspecially while watching her itching and suffering. So as of next Friday, and thanks...
  4. NicoleLJ

    Finally Got a new camera

    So after my daughter accidently dropped our camera in December we have been on the look out for a new to us camera. Finally got on last week. So thought we would share some photos. First Nico. He is growing like crazy and very active. Even though he is 19 months he is testing at 24 months...
  5. NicoleLJ

    German Shepherd Meet Up

    Hey guys. A lady in my area has organized a GSD meet up. Here is the link to the event: There is a map to the location on the page. It is at a place called Echo Dale that is right out side of Medicine Hat. It is on the 19th from 1-4 pm...
  6. NicoleLJ

    I hope they find out who she is pass this on so hopefully they can find out who she is. This girl is throwing live puppies in a river!!
  7. NicoleLJ

    Please Keep Zen In Your THoughts Today

    Yesterday we noticed one of the animals had thrown up during the night. We knew it wasn't my daughters cat Zeus because he is locked in her room at night. And we knew it wasn't Sheena because she is trained to throw up in the tub. Daya is still learning so usually will throw up in the...
  8. NicoleLJ

    Nico Turned One On Sunday

    For those who have kept up with our story you know just how awesome this is. He is one now and at his shots yesterday he weighed in at 20.8LBS. He is scoring right in the middle for most things and advanced for the rest. So perfectly on track. He is able to walk about 4 -5 steps, is a...
  9. NicoleLJ

    New photos of everyone

    First we took this of Daya a few days ago. She is 16 months old now and maturing beautifully. Next last week we had the privilege of getting some awesome family shots. There is a lady in our city who is an amateur photographer. She was looking to "borrow Smiles" from families. So we...
  10. NicoleLJ

    Meet Zeus

    This is Zeus. He is an 8 1/2 month old Main Coon. We just got him a week ago for my daughter. As most people know she has been through a lot. Well she is also cat crazy(her term). Every time she has a visit here she insists that she do all the cat care so that she prove that she is...
  11. NicoleLJ

    Please Keep Southern Albertan's In Your Thoughts

    Southern Alberta is experiencing massive flooding in many areas. My city is preparing for the worst flood that has hit here in a very long time. Over 6000 cubic feet per second is what they are reporting is being expected. Over 10,000 people have been evacuated so far and more could be...
  12. NicoleLJ

    Nico Update

    I have not posted in a while about Nico and thought I would share some pictures today. Nico now has 3 teeth and 7 months old. We figure he is about 18lbs but will know for sure on the 19th when he has his next check up at the Childrens Hospital. He is now starting to learn to feed himself...
  13. NicoleLJ

    How to Train a White Shepherd to not chase and Kill Sheep

    A friend of mine on Face book has a White Swiss Shepherd that is chasing and killing Sheep. She lives in Europe if I remember correctly. Anyway the dog doing it is a young male. Just over or under a year. She is looking for suggestions on how to stop her dog from doing this. Since I have...
  14. NicoleLJ

    Picnic Suggestions Welcome

    Ok the next visit with my daughter is this week. We are doing a picnic in the park for 3 hours. We are all excited because this will be the first time Sheena and my daughter have seen each other in 4yrs and she is anxious to see if Sheena remembers her. She does look around the room for her...
  15. NicoleLJ

    Bath Day

    Had a busy morning bathing and brushing our now white girls. lol They were looking grey. Now they are back to being snowy white and ohhhh so soft. I LOVE Earthbath shampoo's and will never agian use anything else. lol Daya looking out the window Daya self stacking. She does this all...
  16. NicoleLJ

    Our New Rooms

    As many read we spent the weekend painting and I think it paid off. Here are the pictures. We have to wait till the weekend to do the window frames and baseboards and such but the walls are all done. I think it looks a 1000 times better then the ugly blue grey that has been on the walls since we...
  17. NicoleLJ

    Need Opinions

    We have such an awsome landlord. We can do anything to the house and if it is an impovement to it then we get reimbursed the costs. So the landlord has aproved us to paint the upstairs livingroom, dining room and hallway. And has already approved the colors as well. So the next two days I am...
  18. NicoleLJ

    Anyone Know How To Make A YouTube Video?

    I am looking to make a youtube video that has music, pictures and writing. I have no idea how to do this so is there anyone that can guide me through it?
  19. NicoleLJ

    Zen Loving On Sheena

    Thought I would share some cute pictures from this morning of Zen loving on Sheena
  20. NicoleLJ

    Need Gift Idea's

    OK all you smart people I need some help here. My dad's b-day is this month and I am going nuts trying to figure out the perfect gift. I found the perfect card. Now just need the perfect gift. Problem is money is tight because we are saving all we can to have as many visits with my daughter as...