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    Poor Yoshi

    I went to do the ice bucket challenge and didn't realize that Yoshi was right behind me. I went ahead and donated to the animal shelter I got her from too since she ended up doing the challenge as well lol.
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    Need vibes/advice

    I've been sick lately. I've had a horrible cough I wa coughing up bloody mucus for a while. I ende up getting meds but still have a cough it feels like its finally going away but now I'm just sore from coughing. My computer broke in July so I feel cut off from everything. I realize I was...
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    A little bit of a brag

    I know I haven't posted much lately but I know I've talked here before about how super food motivated Yoshi is. When I got her she was skin and bones and has always been very into food. We have to feed at specific times and she has to be watched because she wont stop eating. She'll eat...
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    Sad Dog Diary Has anyone else seen Sad Dog Diary? Just watched it and it cracked me up :rofl1:
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    Spot left after tick removed

    I was wanting to know what you guys though about this. Yoshi had a tick near her nose. Today I saw that there was a scab on her fur so pulled it out and took a look. There is a raised bump. The top part of it is kind of a whiteish color which at first I thought was pus but it isn't. It...
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    What would you do in a natural disaster

    I know this has been talked about before but there are new people, dogs, and possibly updated plans. I didn't want to take over the other thread with so thought I'd just make it. In the last couple years I've been working with Yoshi. We've got to the point that when the storm radio alarm...
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    Christmas Cards

    This is the first day I've been able to log on and stay logged on without an error! I had someone from FB send me a PM *thanks :D* of the addresses for them. My FB app didn't notify me of that so I didn't get them sent out :X Because of that Yoshi and I are making personalized happy new...
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    What genre of books do you read?

    Our local bookstore had a fifty cents sale and I kind of went crazy. I think I'll post some books here for a free cycle post but wanted to see what people actually read. I have an odd taste in books lol so checking to see if anyone might even like what I have
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    Small dog owners

    I've been looking at smaller breed dogs lately. Not really planning on getting one soon. I'm a one dog person so hope it is pretty far off. I am really interested in a smaller breed. I don't go on vacations unless my dog goes and yoshi is so big I can't get anyone to ok her going on any...
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    For Chazzers who need some extra cash and have an iPhone

    I decided to try out the Field Agent app despite some mediocre reviews of people saying it crashes all the time. Anyway after using for a couple weeks and cashing out twice I thought I'd give anyone here who's been kind of interested a heads up that it really does work and you do get your...
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    Question on health testing

    I'm not too familiar with breeders and was going to see if you guys could answer something for me. I get not putting all info online for privacy and sometimes you are paying to have people make the sure and more stuff means more money. But is it normal to not post health stuff? The breeder...
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    How often do you let your dog/dogs out?

    Reading the cat threads I started to wonder this. So many people talk about having to rush home to let their dogs out. I've never really had to worry about that. I'm gone for work all day but if I need to do something like get groceries I don't really worry about leaving Yoshi that extra...
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    I'm a mean owner...

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src=";hl=en_US" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Yoshi still hasn't figured out there isn't any more food in it.
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    The difference a good brushing makes!

    Yoshi usually has half curly half wavy fur. It's really curly on her neck and down her spine and has another super curly patch on the lower part of her back right before it gets to her tail: But sometimes she has to go through the horrible experience of being brushed lol. Now she...
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    Has past you ever done something present you wanted to go back and thank them for?

    LOL Don't know if that even makes sense. I've been kind of bummed lately. I know a lot of you know about the car and money issues I ran into end of july. I love video games. They've been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. I sold my laptop and my playstation 3 for cash when...
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    Think your dog has everything?

    I went to the Tulsa State Fair today and the Police had an area set up. One of the things you could do was meet one of the bomb detector dogs. He was just laying there chewing on his kong letting every one pet him. His tail was going a mile a minute while he was chewing it and getting...
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    How bad is a little extra weight?

    Yoshi has gained some weight. Not much she is still 'too skinny' to nondog people. She could stand to lose 1-3 lbs. three at the absolute most. I can't feel her ribs as easy as I use to but I can still feel them and she still has a super pronounced tuck. I know being overweight is bad for...
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    She's getting smarter!

    She realized that just peeking over the plate didn't get her any food. Obviously sneaking under the drapes is a better plan in her opinion. NOTE: Yes I put a ton of ketchup on pretty much everything.
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    Rewarding a dog for eating with more food?

    I didn't want to hijack a thread that's been going on for a while but if you want to read it: It's at what is the end right now. Any way long story short he is rewarding his dog for eating all of it's food by giving him more...
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    Because of the help I was offered and given when I was having some issues a couple weeks ago I decided to do something nice for someone and have done a couple RAoP on Reddit. Just wanted to show off a Yoshi Art someone did for me XD