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  1. sassafras

    Malinois vs Sprinkler

    And the winner: Me!! He played until he wore himself out. 3nzutfQgiFA Thanks for looking!
  2. sassafras

    A Toast Thread

    I suppose I should post some puppy pictures. Yes, adorable. Think we've got "tug drive" covered. He came pre-programmed. In fact, that's pretty much how Maisy drew him out of his shell. Now he lubs her. He and Squash are bonding, too, whether it's derping or being noble...
  3. sassafras

    Been a long time coming!

    FINALLY, other than mushing (which has to wait a few more weeks) Maisy's exercise restrictions were lifted last week. I've been gradually building up to the BFFs being outside together and today was the first day I cut them loose. I was happy with how easy they took it. They mostly played...
  4. sassafras

    Favorite Skills?

    I'm not talking about YOUR favorite skills, but your dog's/dogs' favorite skills. We've had some icy sidewalk weather lately, so we're doing a lot of indoor stuff - trick training, Maisy's rehab exercises for everyone, weaves practice, etc. And I've noticed that my dogs definitely have some...
  5. sassafras

    look at me I'm a people

    This is how dumb people walk hurrrrrr And a friend made this for me out of a couple of pictures of a game of bitey face. That is all.
  6. sassafras

    Handsome dog is handsome.

    Yes, he is. I've struggled with his weight, and this summer I finally have him where I want him. There's a squirrel up in a tree by the fence, which made him trotty. I like it when he's trotty. And as always he is adorable as well as handsome...
  7. sassafras

    Spring Vacay Photo Dump

    Once again we headed up to the Arrowhead. We didn't get much mushing done - there wasn't enough snow left to skijor and the ground was too soft to really scooter - but we did a lot of hiking, some on leash and some off. A little scootering. A little cani-hiking. A little...
  8. sassafras

    Wednesday is Maisy Day!

    But I'll be at work all day, so we celebrated today with scootering, post-run sunbathing and massage, and the baking and eating of cake. My best girl. :)
  9. sassafras

    Am I Crazy.

    I'm kind of bored of the non-mushing endeavors I've been doing with Squash and I'm thinking about taking a foundations agility class with him. But he's such a big lumbering thing... is it crazy to think this is something that he could do? We took a "for fun" agility class when he was quite young...
  10. sassafras

    Squash butt in abundance.

    Well, I managed to sort of break a GoPro... don't ask. And I finally replaced it, and figured I might as well upgrade, and I discovered today that it turns out it takes much nicer pictures than the old one. Saturdays are Squash-only skijoring. Someday when it's warm enough on a weekday, I'll...
  11. sassafras

    Help me build my Stargazer(s)!

    I've been drooling over Karma's Stargazer Collar for awhile and I think I'm getting close to taking the plunge. I'll eventually get one for each dog but I'll have to space them out. Pip could do either the black or garnet leather. He looks ok in dark browns, not good in tan. His color is red...
  12. sassafras

    Maisy: Less than Impressed

    As it almost always inevitably does, the morning's play eventually degenerated into Squash zoomies, while Maisy just wanted some stick time. Second lap. I can only assume this is the Maisy equivalent of either a facepalm or SMH The end. Thanks for...
  13. sassafras

    Skijoring Videos

    In the spirit of being more active here, here are some videos for those who haven't seen them whored out on FB. This is what happens when Squash doesn't need to restrain himself for his wee partner. LUBa-4B2bJE And this is what happens when we are all pretty well in sync together...
  14. sassafras

    Fall Mushing Vacay (2013)

    The second of what will hopefully continue to be an annual tradition in the Arrowhead of Northern MN until I'm living under the ground. This is how Maisy rides in the car. For most of the 6 hour drive. "Line Out" practice. Growing slightly impatient of "line out" practice. In...
  15. sassafras

    Camping Photo Dump (Pip!)

    Suspicious dog is suspicious of your fire. On the other hand... breakfast is being cooked. Better creep on over and check it out. Hiker dog thinks you are slow. This sign makes no sense whatsoever, and I love it. At the North Shore, two things are givens... 1. Wind...
  16. sassafras

    Lens Advice

    So I have this Nikon D90 that I haven't gotten around to getting a lens for because every time I start to sift through the choices I realize there are SO MANY and I flee from decision making. Anyone have advice for a basic, general purpose lens for a relative novice? I primarily take pictures...
  17. sassafras

    New Posts not working for me.

    Is it just me? This is mainly how I browse the forum and I keep automatically hitting it even when I know it doesn't work right now. I get an error page. HALP HALP.
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    Chicago Meet-up Pictures

    God I have so many pictures. I know everyone else does, too, so I'm trying not to overdo it. And hopefully I don't repeat any. So there was a lot of this: Squash didn't really want the ball, he just ran back and forth with everyone else... Until he DID get...
  19. sassafras

    Squashy Washy at the Park

    Squash's turn at the dog park today, and it's going to be a scorcher today so we had to get out there early. The trail here sort of... doesn't exist anymore this time of year. The benefits of having a tall dog with a tall tail. My lovely boy. He's gotten into much better condition over...
  20. sassafras

    Rally-OH, NO!

    So we had a WCRL trial today. For the first time, we did an all-day trial - so far regardless of the venue, we've been a "one and done" kinda team, one course a day. Which in AKC is really all we could do at our level, anyway, but the WCRL trials have up to three trials in one day and last time...