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  1. SpringerLover

    Return to Sport Survey

    On the off chance there are sport people on here I'm not FB friends with, I'm sharing the survey here as well. My boss is one of the veterinary professionals involved. I'm not trying to spam but they are looking for more results! If you haven't already filled it out, or haven't filled it out...
  2. SpringerLover

    Ultrasound for Bailey on Tues

    I'm only somewhat freaking out. Bailey has had urinary stuff for... ever? It has recently changed/gotten worse. We have run five urinalysis in the last seven months. None completely normal. Culture always negative. So with one number we don't like trending up, she's having a bladder and...
  3. SpringerLover


    Gabby was entered in 7 runs this weekend but only ran 6. She was slow/sore getting up from her downs on her first level 2 run today so we only did veterans after that where there were NO downs somehow! Saturday she earned a Level 2A (first time trying it) and two Veteran B Qs. All blue...
  4. SpringerLover

    Something Good

    I was so proud of my dogs last night. And it wasn't even a big deal. I was able to work all three separately without anyone being annoying while it wasn't their turn. As for actual training: Gabby worked on her hold. Bailey did all of her rehab. Diego offered putting his muzzle on...
  5. SpringerLover


    Since we just did a food thread, I figured we could do the supplements thread again. I have been a terrible person and my dogs haven't been on SeaMeal in months. Bailey hates it but it seems to work well for Gabby. I need to order it! Anyway... Bailey and Gabby and Diego Supplements...
  6. SpringerLover

    Work Vents

    I am so easily annoyed at my retail job lately. And I keep getting in trouble for things I've always done before that weren't a Big Deal like they are now. And I need to vent. I'm sure other people need to vent about work too, right?
  7. SpringerLover

    foods you just wouldn't feed

    foods you just wouldn't buy I work in pet food and supply retail. I get stuff for free or cheap on a regular basis. Even though we sell 'premium and super premium' foods there are some I would never spend the money on. If I got it for free, maybe. But I wouldn't buy it. Blue Buffalo. So...
  8. SpringerLover

    Dog Acquisition

    Poll time again! If you like a certain dog but don't like the breeder/rescue, would that stop you from getting a specific dog?
  9. SpringerLover

    What are you most proud of?

    It doesn't have to be a title (though mine mostly are) but, what accomplishment are you most proud of with your dog(s)? Buzz I have two. First his NADAC Novice Versatility. Second his ARCH. It took me forever to learn to work with him and by the time we were a well oiled team, he was getting...
  10. SpringerLover

    Dog Sports You Probably Won't Try

    There are a few dog sports that really don't appeal to me. I can't ever see myself spending money to play them. I don't think other people shouldn't do them, but they really aren't for me. Maybe it's because of the type of dog I'm drawn to, I don't know... but just not my thing. Sports I...
  11. SpringerLover

    private lessons

    I have taken one group class for dog training. I know I don't learn well that way. Last night Gabby and I had our first obedience private lesson with a friend who also happens to love competition obedience. We covered so much stuff and I have so much homework for the next two weeks. I am...
  12. SpringerLover

    What do you do when:

    you're feeling very overwhelmed?! I have down time during the day (but I don't regularly have whole days off) but I can't seem to shake this feeling of being constantly overwhelmed. I was told I'd have tomorrow off so I could head up to my mom's with all three dogs. And most of my family...
  13. SpringerLover

    Do you have a limit?

    I just read an article linked by someone on FB about how much we spend on our pets. And it really made me think about how much I have/would/could spend on each of my pets. I don't have a set limit. I have back up options for payment. I don't currently have a savings account just for them. All...
  14. SpringerLover

    Rally Trial

    Another rally trial today! Gabby started the day by finishing her Veteran title (even with a sign we HAVE NOT TRAINED, huzzah for building on foundation behaviors REALLY quickly)! Then Siri decided she was NOT going to work for me today (we have video of this somewhere). So Lauren ran...
  15. SpringerLover

    Tagline for Diego

    No, I'm not keeping him. But I (well, Lauren and I) have a friend who gets custom tags for her fosters. I think it adds a really cute touch to their adoption bio (and pictures). Help me with a tagline! :) So, about Diego. Now that I know him a little better and we're getting along better...
  16. SpringerLover

    (Human) Family Genetics

    So, apparently my genetics really, really suck. I've been pretty diligent about annual exams and bloodwork on myself, but I know there's more I should be doing/could be doing. I just found out tonight that one of my uncles has prostate cancer. :( Luckily it hasn't metastasized yet. I know...
  17. SpringerLover

    ESRA Diego

    I have a new foster. He arrived on Friday. He'd been in a temp foster for about a month for a variety of reasons. He is sadly in rescue because his owner died. He's kind of lost, but I'm seeing daily improvements. I didn't want to foster him initially for a variety of reasons. The biggest one...
  18. SpringerLover

    What do I want?

    I never actually know what kind of dog I want, and I waffle heavily on where it'll come from (rescue/breeder/rehome/other?). But I'm curious about what other breeds people think may fit me based purely on cosmetics, ahahaha. Wants 30-50 pound average "sturdy" drop ears medium (lab is...
  19. SpringerLover

    Recent Training Successes

    I've been really working on a few behaviors with Gabby lately and was super duper excited when I got a chain of them last night! We have been working SO hard on an offered fold back down (very specifically elbows first). She could do it with a lure but if I tried to shape or capture she would...
  20. SpringerLover

    Buying a Home

    So, I got a raise. And it means I make real money. I really, really want to buy a house. I can't afford to yet, but I could feasibly afford to within the next six months. I've started looking at properties, and now I can't stop looking! Home owners: where should I start? And, what's okay...