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    Nilly's newest cancer update:

    I can't find my original post with all of my old updates, but I wanted to pass along my newest news! I haven't been on Chaz very much, and for that I'm sorry, but I don't have a lot of time for forums these days. I do Facebook, and not even that very well! Anyways, going to the point...
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    October is going to be crazy!

    There are so many things for October, I hope it doesn't drive me crazy! This weekend is Thanksgiving. We're going to Matt's dad for the whole weekend. This shouldn't be stressful, but knowing what's coming, I feel like we should be home working, and doing things at home together, which we...
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    Sierra and new toys

    Sierra has learnt pretty quickly the difference between toys that are hers, and those that are Carter's... until I found this: :)
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    So... Salt has sugar in it?

    Aaaand discuss!
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    Baby + Dog

    Alright guys, Sierra loves to kiss faces. Anyone who knows that, knows that. She is a face kisser. Period. Of course this has carried on to Carter. Any time we have had this, we have allowed very short kisses, and make sure she's being VERY gentle. So far so good, but it does seem like the...
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    Carter mini update of 2 photos

    His very first swim! The best face ever. He does smile like crazy, but as soon as any camera or device points at him, he won't smile. I'm sure this is a pretty common thing, but this is the face we get! (Side note, yes I had a terrible Friday winding up in the hospital, but it...
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    Sierra's weekend

    It's been a long time since I've posted Sierra photos, but my new iPhone takes better pictures than other cameras I've had recently, so I took a bunch this weekend. Starting off with Sierra playing with my in-laws pair, Guiness (the big lab) and Lily (the lab x). She is very different from...
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    Should we be preparing for Zombies? This one might be an early sign... What do you guys think? We have always jokingly had a zombie plan, we might have to start putting things in prep! :popcorn:
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    I've been nominated for "Mom of the Year" This is my step-mom's nomination for me. So sweet of her to think of doing this, the prize is pretty darn awesome, so I'd love it if you could help me out! ;) Thanks! <3
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    Okay I need Sierra help.

    We had worked SO hard with her issues for the last 4 years, and she had made such progress, even with her dog issues. Pre-Carter, she had gotten to the point that another dog she doesn't know could walk within 4-5 feet while keeping focus with me or Matt. Anyone else (other than dog people...
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    YAY! My grandparents are coming to visit/stay!

    We've been talking about this since Carter was born, that they wanted to come up and visit and stay (from New Brunswick) and help us out a little bit. I wouldn't find "help" from many people, but grandma and grandpa are going to be incredible to have stay! Grandma had said "the end of May"...
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    Going back to raw.

    Sierra's been on kibble for the last 5 months, and I've got a freezer full that is waiting for her to eat. I might just to 1/2 right now, raw in the morning, kibble at night (until we've used the rest), but I'm just so SICK of her coat! Man does she suffer on kibble, no matter how good we've...
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    Tea drinkers? What are your favourites?

    One of the things that have changed in my diet recently was cutting out coffee (and black tea, and milk, etc. etc.). So I've been trying a LOT of teas! I liked tea before, but more just for fun, not drinking it all the time. Now I'm having 2-3 different teas every day! I'm having a lot of...
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    Carter post

    Matt and I met up with my cousin on Monday, and she never puts down her camera, which means she spoils us with some super amazing pictures!! And one of me that she took that actually made me feel pretty and non-cancer sick.
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    Yay I CAN do it! (Just want to share/brag).

    Today is Matt's first day back at work, and I've been a little nervous about how crazy it could go. I haven't been sleeping well, and while I've had just Carter in the mornings while Matt goes to work out, I haven't had the easiest time with it, especially if I'm having a day of assorted...
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    Apparently I got first page news today It's about an event being held for me. I bawled just reading it! I don't often think of my situation in this context, to see it all at once like this. A bit overwhelming! But I also can't help but again feel so blessed and...
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    Chazzers are wonderful <3

    I received an amazing package in the mail today, and I would like to shout a big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! For every one of you that participated, or sent along a gift, you are wonderful and I love you guys! I don't know what to say than that. I've been so at a loss of words to respond to the...
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    New photo of Carter :)

    Just wanted to share my new favourite photo of my little angel boy! I wish it had been taken on something better than my old rotten iPhone! <3
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    Carter's breath

    Since I'm on Chemo and Radiation now, (plus an assortment of drugs), I'm obviously not allowed to breastfeed and has had to put him on formula. One of the things that I am not happy with is the smell!! His food smells awful and his BREATH!!!! Oh my goodness, I know i'm experiencing side...
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    Nilly's updates on the big battle to Cancer

    So the big original thread is here: I'm able to do a heck of a lot more communication than I was able to before, so I figured a new thread would make sense. When I post on Facebook, I might just copy things to you guys, but I like...