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  1. Sapphire-Light

    Fashion doggy show

    Ok, like I commented in another forum in a thread were a person asked me how was Pompadour's show career, I explained that lately we barely have like one conformation show in a year :( So I was fearing that Pompadour might have forgotten how to behave, his last show was in may 2011 and he is...
  2. Sapphire-Light

    Huskies? need help for a newspaper article

    Hi to all! In a newspaper from here they have a pet section on sundays, and sometimes I send articles to inform people on pet owning. Now I want to write an article about the pros and negs of the Husky breed. I'm willing to do this to help owners and people who want to get a husky...
  3. Sapphire-Light

    New toys and stuff

    I haven't had the time to post some pics of Pompadour XD This are his new toys for his third birthday, and some cute clothes, he does not wear clothes but is fun to see the pics lol This are his new toys This rat is the same size as his! Funny ostrich I present...
  4. Sapphire-Light

    The toy poodle nurse

    When I was looking to get a dog, I didn't image how close I was going to bond wit him at this level, Pompadour is now three years old and he is more than we expected. In late 2011 I was diagnosed wit Endrometriosis Endometriosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, I was in severe pain and the...
  5. Sapphire-Light

    Stopped a dog attack in time

    Well this last sunday I was walking Pompadour (also my mom and brother were wit me) when a family was walking also their dog, a mini schnauzer. The dog was growling at Pompadour and trying to run at my dog, then the schnauzer got loose as it seems they weren't holding the leash right...
  6. Sapphire-Light

    Interesting article about pekes

    I was reading in a website a very Interesting article about the change in looks in the pekinese breed. Is very chocking to read all the deformities they got only for people to have a "baby human faced" dog and how fast the change was made. Until last year I found out that they have so...
  7. Sapphire-Light

    Eukanuba naturals?

    I was surprised to see something new at the shelves were I live. They had the eukanuba naturals lamb, at least is good to see something different a tiny step of what is available here, if this success maybe they can bring the good dog food brands here. Also some of the breed specific food...
  8. Sapphire-Light

    New science diet formulas update

    Ok, at the Hills' website is now updated wit their new formulas. The change is not that huge, but at least we know that kibble companies are making a change now that pet owners are more aware of what's in the ingredient lists. They removed the chicken by-products and added some named meats...
  9. Sapphire-Light

    What to do when feral dogs attack your dog?

    Well since I live in latin america is well know there's a LOT of feral dogs in the streets... the poor things. I want to know what to do when feral dogs attack your dog? In this week I took Pompadour to our front yard for him to make bathroom and he went to the grass near the steel fence...
  10. Sapphire-Light

    About deals between kibble brands and breeders

    Ok, so we have read about kibble brands making deals wit breeders so they get bags of kibble for a lower price, as long as the breeders help to promote the food... is like that right? However do all breeders really feed the kibble they get to their dogs? you see, some times in pet shops...
  11. Sapphire-Light

    Chicken jerky recall

    There's a chicken jerky recall according to dog food advisor , Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Recall
  12. Sapphire-Light

    We are back :)

    Hi again to all. I was gone for this forum in the last months because I had very little free time from my classes at the university and my sister wedding, so they were rough months lol Pompadour is making a huge progress taking out his shyness, and is more tolerable of loud noises, we...
  13. Sapphire-Light

    Incoming mayor change to science diet formulas

    This was posted at their facebook page today It appears they are going to get rid finally of the by products :eek: this means the other brands like origen, wellness, earthbond, etc are a...
  14. Sapphire-Light

    People are so hearthless

    This is so sad, like in this latest days an elderly female dog has being wondering in the neighborhood. She looks very different from the common feral dogs, since this one looks like she had an owner that perhaps got bored of her and kicked her out of the house. She is wearing a collar and...
  15. Sapphire-Light

    Worm infection again :(

    Poor little Pompadour was very sick since last week, he got ameobas and parasites from eating bird poop, had a nasty diarrhea with some vomiting, we had a crazy time since vets are closed in the night (no one opens 24 hours not even for emergencies) and for the next morning the vet were we take...
  16. Sapphire-Light

    Rags are the best toys!

    So Pompadour got a rag as a toy, he is REALLY happy wit it, is like he thinks who needs expensive dog toys when you have a rag. :D Also, I finally could take a clear pic of him walking on two legs, he loves to do it like many poodles do, is in their blood I guess lol.
  17. Sapphire-Light

    MIB, pugs and mills

    Oh no wit the new MIB movie, it's all over the puppy mill making advantage again . I'm still in shock when I saw in the newspaper an add for a RAFFLE to win a "Frank" pup :cry:
  18. Sapphire-Light

    What a mess, big dog killed a small one

    This is horrible, one of my family members that owns some mini poodle-peke mixes also have a male rottweiler, this guy is all the day in the yard and as far as I know he doesn't go outside for walks. The poodle mixes live inside the house and the rott in the yard. However as they told us...
  19. Sapphire-Light

    Replay to recalls from Wellness, natural balance and Solid gold

    This links were posted in facebook, the companies mentin in how to ask for a refund: Wellness News Natural Balance Pet Foods ® Inc. Solid Gold Health Products for Pets - Recalls Even hills, that is not affected posted this link Food Safety Is Top Dog at Hill’s Pet Nutrition |...
  20. Sapphire-Light

    They took the pups from mom before the two months :(

    This makes me really really pissed, when I see adds in the newspaper for "puppies X breed, for sell they are 4 weeks old" :mad: and I have seen many like that- Is so sick that some people take away the pups away from mom before the two months old, this is so wrong. When people do this...