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  1. Linds

    Black, White, & Grey

    Family photo! <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="Didgie, Hiccup, Traveler"><img src="" width="500" height="359" alt="Didgie, Hiccup...
  2. Linds

    Unicorn Slayage!

    I think most of you are in the Tricks & Training facebook group but for those that aren't or didn't see it we have created a shirt to sell through TeeSpring. The logo was designed by Sekah based off the concept SaraB came up with, which is Slaying Your Unicorn in regards to dog training! It...
  3. Linds

    Hiccup and Didgeridoo Edition

    So, Hiccup is turing into a ridiculously pretty dog. Emphases on the ridiculous. HIccup by Lindsey, on Flickr Didgie is just as evil and pretty as always Didgeridoo by Lindsey, on Flickr Didgeridoo by Lindsey, on Flickr Hiccup by Lindsey, on Flickr Didgeridoo by Lindsey, on...
  4. Linds

    Best Retractable Leash

    I went for a hike with the dogs today on leash and used an old retractable leash I had and it worked really well. But it's old and I don't trust it. So, favorite retractable leashes? Suggestions?
  5. Linds

    Stacked Dogs

    Fun side thread of the Does your dog meet standard? Share stacked (either free or hand) pictures of your dogs if you have them! Mixed, pure or whatever! We've had a thread like this before but it's always neat to me. Breed: Age: Sex: Weight: Height:
  6. Linds

    Creating New Breeds

    I was reading an older chaz and enjoying the arguing over the making of new breeds so I figured I would make a new thread. So, what are your thoughts on creating new breeds? Why or why not? Is there any new breed you would like to see? Any newer breeds created that you think shouldn't...
  7. Linds

    Kooligans, The Fergus, Hair Band, & Friend

    First up my contortionist Didgeridoo Didgie by Lindsey, on Flickr My 80s Hair Band Hiccup by Lindsey, on Flickr Fergus. Fergus by Lindsey, on Flickr Crazy, perfect boy Traveler by Lindsey, on Flickr He's so freaking fun Hiccup by Lindsey, on Flickr Hiccup by...
  8. Linds


    We have had never ending rain this entire spring and summer along with mostly cool weather and basically just gross. Finally get some 80 degrees and sun and I can't even walk outside my house because of swarms of Misquotes. I can't remember the last time they were this bad but it's just...
  9. Linds


    Someone got his pony cut! Hiccup by Lindsey, on Flickr And I kinda love it. It was fun, I got to hang out with his breeder and her friend for a few hours and meet a bunch of the dogs. Hiccup by Lindsey, on Flickr Though, he spent all yesterday freaking out when his tail touched...
  10. Linds

    To cut his hair or not

    So, I can't decide if it's time to give Hiccup a pony cut or not. I originally planned to do it but I've developed quite a love for his fluff. But, he gets hot super fast when we're out, especially if I don't get him in water right away. And it's a pain to give him a full bath everytime he...
  11. Linds

    How did you pick their name?

    How did your dogs get their name(s)? Were they named something previously? Did you have a different name in mind? Are you still happy with their name and do you still think it fits them?
  12. Linds

    Anything You Can Do

    Hiccup is basically perfect. I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase with him but I kinda freaking adore him. So you guys get to put up with some videos of him being awesome. Working on getting him to retrieve toys out of water, even with the other dogs running around. He's not quite up...
  13. Linds

    Tugging Makes Them Mean

    So, is this really something that people still think and say? Seriously? I had a guy in my class today tell me he hadn't done any tugging with his stable, happy, high energy adolescent puppy because his vet said it would make him mean and aggressive. I honestly didn't think that was stuff...
  14. Linds

    Changing Views

    We've had threads like this before, but not for awhile. So, how have you changed since you've gotten into the dog world/into dogs? Are topics you've loosened up on? Gotten more adamant about? Have you gone from one type of dog/breed to another? Have your focuses and interests be in sport...
  15. Linds

    Awkward Puppies

    I think it's time for some reminiscing. I want to see your best "Awkward Adolescent" pictures for all your dogs. Share those embarrassing teenage years! Traveler! Didgie went through a lot of weirdness Your turn!
  16. Linds

    The Happiest Little Hiccup

    So, I completely adore this puppy. Like a crazy amount. He is so freaking fun and spunky. And happy. So very happy. <a href="" title="Hiccup by Lindsey, on Flickr"><img...
  17. Linds

    Never too late: Chicago Meetup Pictures!

    Took me awhile to get to editing them but I finally did! Only pictures from Sunday since it wasn't raining. Group shot! Em was super happy about it. Finn and Quinn the only ones that understood the playing thing. Pretty girl Quinn decided water was ok...
  18. Linds

    I love puppies, but...

    I love puppies. I'm one of those people that can't get enough of puppies and I enjoy almost all parts of it. But, I will say that the part I dislike the most is the new division of time and attention with the other dogs. Even though they still get out and exercise and work the puppy is...
  19. Linds

    Little Monster

    He's a little shark and getting more spunky day by day. He pretty much just cracks me up all the time. It's really different having a small dog, not even sure how but it just is. He sleeps curled up on my head, loves to cuddle with him and kinda looks like a piranha half the time. He's...
  20. Linds

    Out of Your Comfort Zone

    If you had to pick a breed that you wanted to own that was out of your comfort zone (you pick what that means) or typical breed choice, what would it be and why? Or if you already have done so, what made you take the leap? How would they (or how were they?) be out of your comfort zone?