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  1. lancerandrara

    Delete my account?

    I'm wondering if there is a way to delete my own account? This is very random, and nothing to do with bad feelings! I just think I don't have enough discipline and keep coming to chaz and forums and dog things to check new posts, instead of working hahah. I'm wondering if a mod (who is even a...
  2. lancerandrara

    Selfish dumdum dog

    My dog is so considerate and unselfish and kind. Poor Rara. :I dumdum.
  3. lancerandrara

    Gradually developing fear issues... (Lilah the foster)

    Welp... apparently, Lilah (the little foster dog I had a month and a half or so ago) developed fear biting and reactivity issues towards other dogs and meeting people. The new owners are already working with a good trainer with this... they figured it out fast and seem very attentive to her...
  4. lancerandrara

    Lancer's herding videos...

    For those who want to see puppy Lancer's instinct test and beginning herding class snippets that I recorded way back then... LOL. I forgot that I had them uploaded on youtube and suddenly found them again. I wish I had recorded more. Look at this fool puppy. So forward with chasing and...
  5. lancerandrara

    Breeds with the MOST significant difference between show and working lines?

    I am bored (as usual afjklsdfl) and just pondering this question to myself with my own thoughts, and I thought I'd throw it on chaz too. Since I just went to the AKC conformation show in Costa Mesa, I've been thinking back and forth about the various breeds that I met there. What's your...
  6. lancerandrara

    New martingale for Lancer :0

    Lancer's martingale came in last night! So obviously, I went out with the Nikon and shot a million photos... probably some 200~300 total. Seriously, the martingale's not meant to help this big tough booger for anything, but just aesthetically pleasing and about time for a new collar. :D He...
  7. lancerandrara

    More cloudy solitary cottonball

    The title of Lancer's autobiography, "The Solitary Cottonball". o_____o It was an exceptionally chilly and darkish day today, so everyone in the neighborhood is hiding in their homes with their children and not walking their dogs. Which means Lancer and I get to roam anywhere we want and...
  8. lancerandrara

    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    This might be the most generic question, BUT BAM THERE IT IS. I'm genuinely curious and interested in everyone's breeds and reasons. Top three breeds you'll want someday, whether including or not including the ones you have now, and why? (I'll answer in a new post)
  9. lancerandrara

    Lancer's growth progression (2012~2015)

    Since it's nearing Lancer's 3rd birthday in about a week and a half... HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU POOP. And in case anyone wanted to see Lancer's puppy photos and also because I am very bored at work?! *yells* AH PUPPY. 8 weeks old Literally a ball. Literally a sphere of fuzz...
  10. lancerandrara

    Puppies? Temperament? RISKY?

    I have to admit that I’m INCREDIBLY scared of raising/obtaining another dog or puppy that develops severe fear-based issues like Lancer. And thus, I’m very scared of getting a puppy- in case I raise him in the wrong environment, we accidentally go through some traumatizing event that’s...
  11. lancerandrara

    Afternoon on the hill :U

    Completely unrelated: Lancer and I finally took our first nosework class! I got ready to be blown off too early. The nose work trainer replied to my email last night, letting me know that I can join in on the class this morning, SO WE WENT. YAHOO. He was shy at first, but VERY quickly got the...
  12. lancerandrara

    (Nosework advice!) What do you guys think?

    I've been itching to start a formal activity with my dog, supposedly the next dog that I was planning on adopting. I know that Lancer can't start anything that requires close proximity with reactive dogs, which is the majority of competitive dog sports. He could have started in nosework as a...
  13. lancerandrara

    Dogs who throw behaviors... (Lancer)

    … are the easiest to work with. LOL. Lancer is one such dog, and it makes teaching him party tricks and camera poses a total breeze. It’s a plus that he also doesn’t get frustrated easily if he didn’t try to do what I wanted the first time, and he will just keep going at it until he...
  14. lancerandrara

    (SNAKES) Cake, Blackout, and Vigil: progression thread!

    I'm hoping that it's alright to put our other pet photos in this pet photos thread. :s Beware and be square, snake photos ahead! I recently acquired all three snakes in the past 3~4 months. A little male albino ball python named Cake, a black pastel female named Blackout, and a Dumeril's Boa...
  15. lancerandrara

    Signal's aggression in apartment: training WOO.

    Attempting to make a light-hearted thread title, but Signal actually scared me yesterday. So making a separate thread for her to keep track of her training, and anything anyone would like to comment as time goes on. Siggy's proven to have very extreme aggression towards anyone inside the...
  16. lancerandrara

    Hey Pip, Maisy, Squash, Toast!

    You wrote a great article on Max and Malinois and dog ownership in general. :'D Just wanted to say. And A+++ good job thumbs up x302489 (don't even ask why I don't know your name yet, despite the commission. I'm a catastrophic human.)
  17. lancerandrara

    Proud of Lancer.

    Kinda gushed on facebook, now extended gush here. I came home from college a few days ago, and I've been having 2~3 hour training sessions with Lancer per day on his old commands and new ones (sit, down, stand, perch for photos, strict stays, and random tricks) with physical cues and voice...
  18. lancerandrara

    Thoughts, introducing new adult dog into household?

    I'm excited to scream that I WILL BE ADOPTING A GSD or GSD mix (of some kind! I really don't mind mixes at all) IN A COUPLE MONTHS! It is all planned out. Huzzah. The future adoptee dog will be living with me in my condo, BUT... I'd still like to introduce him to Lancer and Rara, in case...
  19. lancerandrara

    A Dog's World!

    I've finished my giant project and I've risen from the dead... I can finally be more active on this forum again. HOORAY. I thought I'd share here... here's the tiny film I've been slaving over for the past month. :'D “We can be of many nations, but earth is our land. We can be of many...
  20. lancerandrara

    Lancer's bad passport photo.

    If he were a human, I can imagine what his passport photo would look like. Or driver's license photo. :| Mine looks something eerily similar to this in both. And I'm finally home from school again (uh it's only been a week and a half, but... it felt like forever), so random photos of the...