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    vaccines....yet another thread about vaccines.

    Just want to start off, that Iam not opposed to NOT vaccinating this dog again...if anyone here is a vaccine nazi, Iam listening...I always hear about them being *bad* to over do, but I'd like more info/detail etc. Chili is now a year old. He recieved all his puppy vacs and a rabies...
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    Insert catchy title here.

    ok, som' of you may know that I manage a specialty Reptile store... so about seven or so years ago, a woman began coming in several times a week...she became a very good customer...she was like a sponge listening and learning everything she could from us. she wanted to open a wholesale...
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    "curing" reactivity

    I have som' thoughts in my head I'd like to bat around if I may. :) When I joined this forum, god, almost two years ago, I noticed alot of people had dogs with reactivity issues, DA issues etc etc. now this isn't meant as a jab or an attack...but I notice that many of the same people...
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    Snow nose?

    So I was researching snow Chili has proved to have one, I was thinking it was som'thing that perhaps certain breeds carried, so I was hoping to learn about the genetics... during my rooting around, I kept finding small references to this being a problem, as in it was an indicator of...
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    question about training seminars.

    So I signed up for my first training seminar. Iam very excited! Nicole Wilde Seminar March 21st I was wondering how these things usually go. Should I bring a notebook to take notes? Iam fine just listening, but I don't want to be the only one just sitting there! I guess iam not...
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    Post your fish!!

    Laur's thread reminded me of this... heres som' of my stuff pond when we were installing pond number 2 my desert tort decided to walk around in it and help Jigantor in her old tank...she is in a much much larger one now. shes about 7 years old now. Shes a Giant...
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    What do you think?

    I think she might be a bit bored with her sweater? or does this classify as a pitty smile?
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    Corrections for growling

    I was lurking som'where else and I was interested when this topic came up and absolutely SHOCKED when I saw how many people correct their dogs for growling. Personally, I may interupt/redirect occasionally, but I never give any sort of P+ for any growling behavior. Iam in the camp that...
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    the re- intro thread...

    So I have been on Chaz a while now, but I often come to realize that I don't know squat about alot of you that have been here forever, as all that getting to know stuff has been said and done years ago... Wha'd you guys say about a re intro for everyone? I'll start... Iam Crystal...
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    This is on the rise

    and it makes me sad.. Stolen / Lost Goldens lots of theft here. I can't imagine what this family is feeling
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    Finding a dog

    I have seriously been running into alot of people online who just find a dog and keep it... they always claim that they are in an area where dogs are dumped all the time and the dogs never have that magically makes it ok whats everyones take on this...My understanding is you...
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    I could strangle my husband...

    Last night I spent nearly ten minutes trying to get Emma to do a "down" she kept giving me this wierd ground slapping behavior where she'd throw her front feet down (like a bow) and then pop back up and spin in circles... it was useless and manic she also would NOT calm down. It was bizzarre...
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    Teaching a Retrieve from scratch

    Iam in the process of teaching a retrieve from scratch using back a 9lb dog lol I have been experimenting with this and wonder if anyone else has done it. So far I shaped Tippy into biting down and pulling on an object (which was a task in and of the click...
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    Best Craigslist Rant EVER

    I hope this hasn't been posted already. Love it. best of craigslist: Pet Ad Translations
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    Tell me about "the eye"!

    Sounds like a creepy movie huh? I was researching BC and came across this "the eye".. Like the dog freezes and stares at the livestock and then stalks closer to it (am I understanding that correctly) mystery mutt...does this. She will herd my Cockatoo and will...
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    Pit bull Owners what do you think?

    Bad Rap : Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls It talks about dog tolerance levels in Pit bulls. I found it interesting... according to them Kiwi is "Dog social" shes only two years old tho, so that might change. Thoughts? Thoughts on "cold" temprament pits? I've heard this...
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    Unsure if I should continue with agility trainer

    Ok so I've had Two private sessions with a trainer for Emmas agility foundations. To say I was excited/ nervous was an understatement. I let the trainer know up front how I was feeling. First session I was such an excited wreck... that she would give me an instruction and I literally...
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    Live in Ca?? Train your dog in ID...????

    What the heck... we take your dog to Idaho for training even tho they have a CA facility? Balu Dog Training Center and The Balu Academy for Dog Trainers, Jean-Claude Balu Is this...common?
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    Anxiety meds?

    Critters yearly vet visit is soon and among all her other issues that will be addressed I've been wondering about anxiety medications. Basically any abrupt sound (no matter the volume) send her into an unconsolable panic. Forget Clicker training. Even with the clicker wrapped in masking...
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    Goofy dog needs professional Chaz breed guesses :)

    Chili is about 5-6 months old now... I haven't a flipping clue what he may be.. hes about ten lbs at this point, so even tho everyone who sees him says "chihuahua" in don't see it at all. When he was little I was convinced he was a a pug mix or even a puggle but now Im not so sure...