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  1. Sekah

    Cohen v winter

    Got a new camera and some lenses for Christmas. I'm still learning the basics and having a lot of fun. I've been trying to expand my photo editing skills a bit too. Yay layers! Here's some recent shots!.
  2. Sekah

    Cohen + new(ish) lens = pretty

    Doesn't everyone keep an eye out for fallen trees with interesting bark when they're out walking with their dogs? No? Oh. Just me then! Cohen's a good sport though. I can direct her to go over there, put her paws up and head down from a distance so it's only her that actually has to trek...
  3. Sekah

    Pei mix breed guesses?

    So, this pup is an obvious Pei mix of some sort. I've just always been curious as to ... mixed with what??? Pei x Pug? I've sort of always thought Pei x Pug/Beagle, 'cause of his size. He's probably about the same size as Cohen, despite what he looks like in this photo. Maybe 40...
  4. Sekah

    How to teach your dog to hug!

    I made a how-to video! It nearly killed me. I apparently enjoy training dogs more than I enjoy editing. But it's done. Take a look! Share if you'd like! 13yK5lugP2U If you'd prefer to watch/share over Facebook, you can find it here:
  5. Sekah

    Cohen's winter photodump

    It's been a few months since I posted any photos here. This post will be image heavy. Here's our last few months in pictures! We were lucky to not have much snow until about a week ago. These shots pre-date the snow dumpage. Winter is for training tricks. Or torturing dogs...
  6. Sekah

    How old do people think your dogs are?

    How old are your dogs? How old do people seem to think they are? Any idea why people guess they way they do? How old do you think they look? People constantly seem to misjudge my dogs' ages. I imagine it's probably something other Chazzers experience as well. Cohen - 5 years old...
  7. Sekah

    A video! Of Cohen and her tricks!

    You may have seen this on FB already, but I wanted to post it here too. A video! Of Cohen's tricks! She's kind of my favourite little Aussie. She really gives everything her all, especially when there's some food involved. It would mean a lot to me if you watched it, and shared it. Thanks...
  8. Sekah

    Dog stink

    Megatron has always been a smelly dog. She's got frito-feet and a general dog stank which comes right back after a bath. I've always attributed the latter to her being intact. Well, no more! She's desexed as of Friday. I'm wondering if, over time, she'll destinkify a bit. Has anyone else...
  9. Sekah

    It Is Your Birthday. You are now 5.

    Cohen has managed to escape death for 5 years in a row. Happy birthday, crazyface. We spent the day performing at Canada's Wonderland. This morning she's slightly less crazy than usual. I think she's tired. Or growing up. :)
  10. Sekah

    Public perception vs dog community norms

    A recent post in the "No, It's Not Starving..." FB group got me thinking about how the public perceives the dogs of 'dog people'. In this post someone posted up a photo of them holding their BC by the hips with rear feet on her thighs and it's evident that she's lined him up to run at a...
  11. Sekah

    Chaz meetup - photos inc.

    So we had some brave Chazzers show up for a meet up in Toronto despite the forecast calling for rainrainrain-thunderstorms-rain. Amazingly, the rain held off all day. Dogs and people alike had a wonderful time. THE LINE UP: Paris (in back), Cobain, Rigby, Oz, Crossbone, Cohen. Not...
  12. Sekah


    Does anyone on here drive a motorcycle? My husband and I got our M1s & M2s together last year. He bought a bike ASAP and has improved by leaps and bounds, trading his 250 Ninja for a Suzuki SW 650. I'm still a very, very novice rider but I'm thinking of picking up my own bike. The 650 is a...
  13. Sekah

    Robin nest watch 2014 - watch them peepers grow

    A robin built its nest on the side of my garage. I've been taking photos over the past 2 weeks. Here's a selection for your entertainment. May 13 May 21 May 23 May 25 May 26 May 27 May 29 June 1
  14. Sekah

    Brushes so many brushes

    HALP TOO MANY BRUSHES. There are so many options. There is also, apparently, so much fur. What would you suggest I use for regular upkeep for Cohen? What about for semi-annual coat blowing? Right now my primary tool is a slicker. I'll sometimes use a zoom groom if shedding is heavy but I...
  15. Sekah

    SOoooo this is what we've been up to lately

    New trick aka "ostrich"... or maybe "grovel" A formal tulip retrieve The monster on a cold, grey day. We did another photo shoot for Pawsh with my friend who owns an adorable Westie. Masel tov! Oldie but goodie Clearly we've been doing a lot of...
  16. Sekah

    Good dogs

    A comment in the dog musing/vent thread got me thinking... How many of us have naturally good dogs? You know the type: they listen well, they're not destructive, they're unobtrusive, they're the perfect dogs that go along with the 2.5 kids, white picket fence lifestyle. And how many of us...
  17. Sekah

    Stickied threads

    So I just got a new phone and installed Tapatalk. Now I can check the forums more easily remotely! Yay! But now all of the stickied threads at the top of the forums which I normally just gloss over are in the way and cumbersome. I'm scrolling way down to get to relevant material. Some of these...
  18. Sekah

    Help me make my decisions! AAC Regionals

    Help! I'm having trouble making decisions for regionals. I want to mail in my registration today. Maybe you guys can help. Basically, I'm going to attend the regional agility competition in June. It's outdoors and probably about an hour away from where I live, so I'll be able to drive...
  19. Sekah

    Magazine photo shoot part 2

    The magazine was released today so I have more shots to share of Cohen! Cover dog! This one cracks me up. So gangster. Back cover dog! This hat would not stay on her head for more than, like, 3 seconds. Read the whole magazine here...
  20. Sekah

    Magazine photo shoot and a handy how-to!

    Cohen and I participated in a photo shoot a few weeks ago and the photos have just been released. So excite! The original purpose for the shoot was to take a photograph of her wearing hats, but when the photographer saw her balancing trick she decided to do a mini session on it too. It even...