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  1. 6XlegZ

    Senior Sick?

    14 yr male Chi, hasn't eaten at all today, doesn't express any interest even when I try to feed him by hand. He has a dry nose. He has been drinking water all day. He past a bowel movement in the morning & has pee'd 3 times today (normal for him) Plus his stomach has been making gurgling...
  2. 6XlegZ

    soo bummed...

    A couple of years ago I wanted to start some kind of new funky dog walking/running business, which I've than added other different aspects to it, still on the drawing board type of thing. & I came up with 6X LEGZ. The few people I talked about it with, never seemed to get what's with the 6xLegs...
  3. 6XlegZ

    Chi & Small Breed Owner's Question

    Hello, my question to you is, with a small Chi, can they be left alone for longer than 3-5 hours or would they need to have a buddy to do so? Such as another small dog? Thanks! :)
  4. 6XlegZ

    Safe Breeder or Not?

    Sorry I was really unsure where to post this.. I keep coming across sites that tell me what to look for when I am being scammed for buying a pup or adult. Yet I find it confusing when a site that seems that it may not be a scam, also goes into detail about other sites being scams, & what...
  5. 6XlegZ

    ~~Looking for my 4eva Companion~~

    Hello, I have been ill for most of my life, and a few years ago I started doing some research on the Chi, I even found a meet up group for them in my city. I decided that at that time I should put off looking for a dog because I was too sick. Lately over the last couple of months I have...