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  1. MafiaPrincess

    Sigh, eyes- possible retinal detatchment

    Smudge's right eye started to go a little cloudy 3 days ago. Got into the vet today. They rule out glaucoma, and uveitis. Intra-occular pressure is okay. But.. they aren't sure what is wrong. His eye is cloudy like a cataract, but the fluid is billowy and it is not a cataract.. They...
  2. MafiaPrincess

    Need a giggle? Thought regretsy was bad? Things that were actually manufacturered and not just one ofs..
  3. MafiaPrincess

    Uncle Arson vs Quest

    Arson was chewing an antler piece and Quest wanted to share.. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. MafiaPrincess

    It's Yer Choice

    It was suggested to me eons ago.. We've done mild beginning steps and I've always stopped there. The cocker kids are easy at home. Can be pills if someone's at the door.. but day in day out easy going. Arson is well not..... He's super needy and a shadow and that is fine. He could use...
  5. MafiaPrincess

    Puppies nom raw

    I picked up brisket bones for everyone today.. I thought I'd let the puppies try. They've been weirdos trying to eat food since about 2 weeks.. Quest jumped on the bone immediately... With some prompting Ice jumped in too.. Nom nom Quest also picks up toys!
  6. MafiaPrincess

    SD.. Now with Polyethylene..

    Switching to more natural ingredients.. but now adding polyethylene.
  7. MafiaPrincess

    Brotherly Love

    So I guess Smudge approves of Arson.. I was packing to come back to Kerri's and they started to snuggle Can't sleep while you take pics Mom... Seriously.. We're sleeping... Shh
  8. MafiaPrincess

    Arson after 2 weeks at home

    Well not Arson.. but this is what Smudge thinks about having a brother.. He says he wanted a jack russell looking friend. Preferably a girl thanks.. He loves fabric. The couch, bed, his bed.. He rubs all over everything with such utter glee. Here he is post rub looking regal with...
  9. MafiaPrincess

    Dog PJ Makers?

    Arson needs to loose some weight to get pjs, but lord he's cold already and will need some.. I was googling and everything I've found is fugly.. I do like the person Sizzle's used if they can make them small enough... Any other places, makers, suggestions?
  10. MafiaPrincess

    Introducing Arson

    I brought home a 13 month old rehome 2 days ago. I posted about him in the teeth thread, but Kerri took better pics this morning. This was him when we got him home. He got a bath, he wasn't happy.. nails done.. face shaved as well as the light scraggly back hair he had here and there...
  11. MafiaPrincess

    Small breed, lacking teeth

    I know small breeds can have random teeth issues.. I've just never experienced it. I brought a 13 month old home tonight.. and well, he's lacking teeth. Not a lack of room as his mouth isn't that small, but there are a ton of gaps.. Doesn't seem to be hurting him, he eats happily. Doesn't...
  12. MafiaPrincess

    New USDA/ APHIS rules regulating breeding in America

    Until I saw this on my FB, I hadn't heard anything about it. I searched chaz and found nothing. Surprising as commenting closed yesterday on the proposed new legislation and it will affect most of us. If you breed any animal.. dogs, cats, rabbits, exotics whatever. If you are a rescuer, or...
  13. MafiaPrincess

    Whitney Houston, Dead at 48

    They haven't released the COD, sadly it was likely drugs..
  14. MafiaPrincess

    Weirdness I just read..

    Has anyone else ever heard of this? Really. I guess I am killing the cocker kids as unless they are snowball covered, I dry feet and nothing else. And if my prima donna wants to stand around in the cold I sure do let her.
  15. MafiaPrincess

    Pink puppies..

    So I took the dogs to the tennis court. I lack time lately, they lack exercise.. Someone comes into the tennis court to tell me she didn't know spaniels came in pink (straight face).. and wanted to give me her number cause she's always wanted a pink dog.. so when Cider had puppies.. she'd want...
  16. MafiaPrincess

    Narrowing down..

    So I had the I want a third dog convo with my mom today.. She seems to be okay with it.. She'd rather a cocker.. But she doesn't really know anything else.. So the list is American cockers, Mini poodles and Chinese cresteds.. I want the pretty breed standard.. but I want proven...
  17. MafiaPrincess

    AAC Brags, new title

    Posted on FB, but thought I'd post here. Cider got a steeplechase Q and a Master Jumpers Q saturday. The jumpers Q is her 10th MJ Q. She received an Expert Jumpers Bronze title. Makes her the 16th American Cocker ever to get one. Smudge came home with a Master Jumpers Q sunday. Not bad...
  18. MafiaPrincess

    Consumer Reports 'taming pet costs' wtf..

    I'm waiting to go to my EMS orientation for ride outs, and I'm ready too early. I pick up August 2011's Consumer Reports off the couch. '6 ways of taming your pet costs'. Sure.. Things like don't always take the Rx from the vet, comparison shop vets.. okay.. Their number one saver? Pet...
  19. MafiaPrincess

    Does any chazzer own a frenchie?

    I've been breed/ puppy puddling.. I've contacted a cocker breeder to ask some Qs about her lines. We met multiple frenchies this summer and I really liked them. Found a breeder I like. Has dogs that are doing performance events... Lots of info on the site. Have to admit that the $3000...
  20. MafiaPrincess

    Heated blankets and mattress pads?

    I'm a ski instructor on top of being a paramedic student.. I live outside for 24 hours every weekend once it gets cold. I dress warmly, I'm fine at work.. I get home and I'm cold down to my bones. I've often turned on a space heater in my bedroom for some hours trying to go back to bed...