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  1. Ozfozz

    Family Photos...So Much Fun

    I thought it was about time to get a new "family portrait" of my misfits. My first mistake was waking Oz up from a nap. My second was putting Rigby and Cobain next to each other, my poor Border Collie and his blown out white face :( My 2 look happy at least? Seriously Ruby? Where are...
  2. Ozfozz

    Does Your Dog Offer Behaviours?

    Elaboration: When you are doing a training session, if you don't reward quick enough or have a break in commands will your dog offer other behaviours without being asked? If so are there any go-tos that they usually do? Oz is super bad for the "okay that didn't work, let me do this. No...
  3. Ozfozz

    Progressive Spotting/Ticking?

    I've noticed recently that Ruby seems to be getting an abundance of black spots on her coat and skin. This is a photo of her when we first got her (2013, 1 year old) She remained pretty clean white with the only spots being the always noticeable large black patches. Now over the past...
  4. Ozfozz

    Your Dogs and Cats

    I feel like I have probably asked this before, but oh well.... So I'm house/pet sitting for a few days with Cobain and Rigby. This house has a resident Golden Retriever (whom is the same age as Cobain - they grew up together), and a cat. I have never really owned a cat before due to my...
  5. Ozfozz

    Woman Upset After Shelter Spays Dog I dunno. Had the dogs been microchipped, or at the very least had ID; and the shelters called the day the dogs went missing maybe it wouldn't have happened. I'd like to think that a...
  6. Ozfozz

    Body Language!

    Because I want MORE threads lol. How well do your dogs pick up on the body language of other dogs? As in, if a dog expresses that it is uncomfortable with the way your dog is interacting, or adversely expresses interest in playing, will your dog typically take the cue or take no notice and...
  7. Ozfozz

    Bed Wetting

    As some of you may know, Rigby has always had a bit of a problem with bladder control. This usually manifests in the form of submissive urination, or in times of over-stimulation (really high energy training sessions can be a trigger). Yet most of the time during the day she appears to...
  8. Ozfozz

    Cuddly Dogs

    In the spirit of making new threads, no matter how cheesy ;) For the 10th time this morning, Rigby body slammed me into cuddling her and it occurred to me, she's the only one in my household that seeks out physical attention so aggressively. If I lie down anywhere in the house she knows...
  9. Ozfozz

    Happy Gotcha Day Rigby!

    3 years ago today I loaded Cobain and my dad into my car and drove an hour into the city to pick up Rigby. White knuckled and hoping that no one nabbed her before I could make it in. I had gone the previous day but was told they needed to meet with the other residents (people and dogs) and...
  10. Ozfozz

    Cobain and his "bitches"

    I got a new phone last week and have been playing around with the camera - I'm still too poor to afford any decent real cameras lol. So here's some pics from our little hike this morning (sans Oz because it was a dog park and he likes to eat what other owners don't pick up). They stood...
  11. Ozfozz

    "Snitch" Dogs

    "Snitching" Behaviour in Dogs (Couldn't think of a better word...tattletale perhaps? lol) It's becoming increasingly apparent that Rigby is a bit of a snitch-dog. I first noticed it when the 3 other dogs were let outside and promptly chased a squirrel beyond their trained boundary line...
  12. Ozfozz

    "Going" off the trail?

    We are very fortunate to have a private forest nearby where we can let the dogs run loose whilst we hike. The condition of us using this place is that if the dogs defecate, that it not be on the trail. (Since only a few of us utilize these trails there's never been any build up or stink, so...
  13. Ozfozz

    A Day in the Life of Rigby

    I know, it's not photos, but I hope videos are a suitable substitute :) Rigby's day starts off by demanding breakfast by method of seal sounds ALkqVT5GtsE Once sufficiently fed, she proceeds to chew on her Cobain's face for a while. yaUIFQt_Vyw And then she will sit and wait...
  14. Ozfozz

    Pink Eye - What can I do tonight?

    One of Rigbys eyes looks very infected. I only noticed it once we got to our show today, and with it being the civic holiday everything closed early. Is there any "household" remedy that I can try tonight to keep her comfortable until tomorrow?
  15. Ozfozz

    Summer Waterfall Tour

    This summer I am living in "The Waterfall Capital of the World" and am determined to visit as many of them as I can before I have to move back. I plan to use this thread to document where I've been and share some of the pictures :) Top of Albion Falls Bottom of Albion Falls - July...
  16. Ozfozz

    Happy Birthday Ozzzz

    Today my little grizzly beagle is 11 years old! Unfortunately I wont get to see him, but I'm certain he'll get something nice today. Rehashed party picture And he's not overly thrilled about it lol. And a puppy picture just because he was cute.
  17. Ozfozz

    Inner City Badasses

    :rofl1: We've been living in probably the crappiest area of Hamilton, ON (which isn't a great city to begin with lol) for just over 2 months now. We've finally found a place within walking distance to let the dogs run a bit. It's an abandoned parking lot that was used for a short while...
  18. Ozfozz

    Release N Run Leash Typically I'm not a fan of the whole rectractable leash concept, but this seems to go into the collar opposed to having a bulky plastic handle. Plus it's only 4 feet long, which is nice. I'm sort of on the fence, I...
  19. Ozfozz

    Your Easiest Dogs

    Something that's always sort of amused me in my household is that the dog that requires the least amount of grooming, is the one that enjoys it the most. Rigby could seriously lay for hours being cleaned, brushed, and trimmed. Yet even though it's a double, her coat is so short and dense that...