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    Mouse at 18 months (Pic Heavy)

    11 week picture. A ton from 18 months
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    What makes your breed work for you?

    Here and elsewhere see a lot of people post what is a easy first breed or what breed is right for me. My personal feeling are there are no hard or easy breeds, that there are breeds that fit a person. Yes a lot have great success with rescues fitting what they want or shaping them into...
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    Well Mouse turned 16 months

    Sorry about the quality. Was sneaking photo's as the wife was sneaking him food after I sad not give him anything, he had not eat his.
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    Mouse being Mouse

    From Sunday Couple of short vids of him.
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    Mouse's New Collar

    Well as with most Mastiffs collars are a issue. So visit a local custom leather shop and had this made for Mouse. It adjust from current neck size up to 34in. It's 2 1/4in How it sits on him. How it naturally rides and looks.
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    Mommy Hold Me!!!!!!!!

    Well since we brought Mouse home the wife has always held him or snuggled him in bed. Well last night he decided he wanted to be held. LMAO and yep happened to have the camera infront of me.
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    Mouse Turned 1 Year old

    My little baby is growing up and starting to mature. Turned 1 the 29th and the 28th weighed in at 161lbs and 30 1/4 inches at withers.
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    Mouses a Buck 20

    Well almost, weighed in at 119.5lbs today, he is now 7 months and 1 week. His natural state, would need to add audio to hear the window shaking snoring he was doing. Outside trying to brush out dried paint. Just to compare his size. Rest all have drool flying in them, as they where...
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    The little puppy Mouse

    He is 4 months in the first pic, 2nd 4 1/2 and 6 months 1 week in 3rd currently 6 and 1/2 months and 108.4 pounds. Hopefully the images work. ok those came out huge. try again in a sec
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    Saying hi

    Browse a few different forums and post now and then past that. A giant breed person. Last 30 years have always have Saints or Mastiffs. Love the gentle nature of Saints, but not so much the hair, and met my first English Mastiff and have had one or been around them since. Currently have a...