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    Nutella..yummm... Besides just straight out of the jar, I like it on a bagel for breakfast. Or on graham crackers, or ritz crackers. I've never had it on ice cream, but it sounds delicous. I'm really waning some now, lol.
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    Time For Some Fun!

    Dogo Argentino Someone can post a new breed, I cant think of anything, lol.
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    oc - you've got competition

    Also check out A lot of info and links on there!
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    Dog Sleds on Dry ground?

    I there was a company that made sleds that had wheels you could attach for non snow conditions. I dont know if they still have a website, it was a few years ago. I'll try and re-find it. I myself use a bike and ATV. I'd be a little nervous trying a cart, I like the added stability of the ATV...
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    Can't cross the border with dog food?

    Here's a list of border crossings for New York: Maybe call the port your going to be going through and ask them?
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    The puppies are here

    Awwww....nothing's better then cute Husky pups!!! Alaska and Jagger are simply gorgeous! Congrats!
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    Siberian Husky Owners

    Little bit of everything. They have the Sibe, Alaskan (which is a mixed breed itself, so who knows what's in there), Inuit Dog, and Collie. There might also be some hound and Mal thrown in there too, who knows. :lol-sign:
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    Siberian Husky Owners

    Yep, have 1 purebred Sibe, and 9 other Husky mixes. :D
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    I'm gagging just thinking about that...yuck.... Back to ticks, found one crawling on my wrist the other day. Felt like I had bugs crawling all over me for rest of the day. Nasty little creatures.
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    Boys Being Boys

    Great pics! Both of them are beautiful! Love the sleepy Ronin ones.
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    Buster Passed Rollerblading 101!

    My dogs, with the bike, average about 12 mph. (Which is still kinda slow) They are going 20+ mph at the start, and slow down after about 1/2 mile or so. When I tried skijoring this winter, we were only going about 8ish mph. Which is a perfectly fine speed for me for now. When I get use to a...
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    MORE 5-dog rig run *pics*

    More great pics!! Suppose to get into the low 40's here tonight, might be bikejoring tomorrow morning!! :D
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    Royal Canin Dry Food Recall

    Uh-oh. I feed Kasco, so have been feeding recalled food for the past 2 bags atleast. (And probably more) We're going into town and will get another brand of food, just incase. (And hope the other brand doesnt get recalled!!!) Dogs havent shown any symptoms, but I'm still worried about them...
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    What Super Villian Are You? Fun Survey!

    I'm another Dr. Doom!
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    cheap retractable leash

    Thats a good idea!! I think we have one of the cheap ones around here somewhere, I'll see if I can attach a toy or ball to the end of it. My dogs love to chase things, I'm sure they'll love a toy like that! :D I agree with the Flexi's. Definatly long lasting! (Or atleast ours has been)
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    Husky Help

    Yep, they will howl, whine and bark the first week or so after you bring them home. Dont cave in and let them out of the kennel and bring them in with you! Yes its annoying, and yes you wont get much sleep, but it really is for the better. They'll soon learn to love thier crate, and think of it...
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    The strangest thing you've said to your dog...

    On the subject of poo's, my strangest thing said would have to be: "Ranger, you've got beautiful poops this morning!" He was having a bout of the runs, and he finally had some firm ones, and I was happy, lol. I talk to my dogs like thier people all the time. Or reply them when they're...
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    Spring may be last many unwanted huskies see.

    Here's the link for the SCL homepage:
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    Spring may be last many unwanted huskies see.

    I read that article a few days ago. Its great what the SCL is doing, and would love to adopt one of thier huskies, but alas, I am unable to.