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    A dark subject matter

    Okay, this is a real bummer of a subject, but I was thinking about it, and I thought it might make an interesting thread... something to think about. I've got a slightly-more-than-casual interest in survivalism and I'm beginning to put together a bug-out bag (BOB). Basically it's just a bag...
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    Awkward point in life.

    I'm almost 21, in a long distance relationship, desperate to move out with my boyfriend, but I'm working for peanuts and can barely even afford to go visit him every few months. I work with my dad in construction but I don't have a real job. I'd call it an awkward stage...
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    Nikon vs Canon

    Truth. I really like Nikon but I wouldn't turn down a good Canon if I could find one that suited my needs for the right price. They're both excellent brands.
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    Everyday eggs for dogs

    Wow. Didn't know about the dog biting. I say if you're having that much trouble with the dog that you 1) can't feed it and 2) can't keep it from biting I'd put it down.
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    Everyday eggs for dogs

    Eggs are more expensive by the pound than a bag of ol Roy last I checked.
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    I'm glad nobody hunts where I take the girls hiking. I wouldn't want to ruin anyone's hunt, either. I wish I could let mine off leash but they're not that trustworthy yet. Still got work to do.
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    I've wanted to move to Oregon for such a long time! Boyfriend hates the cold weather though and wants to stay in the southeast. I hope I can at least visit for a camping trip some time.
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    (Boring) Pictures of the girls

    I admit, I'm digging the weather. It's just the real cold I'm dreading. I wish it could go straight from fall to spring with no winter, haha.
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    I was wondering, is anyone here as obsessed with the outdoors as I am?! I have always been into camping and now I'm starting to get into hiking... And I'm trying to learn to mountainbike as well. (Yes, yes, I'm 20 and I can't ride a bike... but I am getting there!) Where all do you guys go...
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    (Boring) Pictures of the girls

    Thank you all! I'll let them know how pretty everyone thinks they are :p It used to be really nice out here. It's still pretty lovely but now the woods are intersected by a highway so it's quite loud with the sounds of cars. Still, the dogs don't seem to mind any! You're right- they're...
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    I started watching it the other day and finished the whole season in short order. Hilarious!
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    Texas mom arrested for letting kids play outside

    In reality, that's not true. People do seem to think that, and there's a logical reason: more media. Everyone has three or more local news stations and several national news stations and if you turn on the TV, what gets funneled into your ears? Rape. Murder. (Quick feel-good story.) Robbery...
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    (Boring) Pictures of the girls

    It was a bad day to decide to take the camera. Normally I only walk one dog and my dad walks the other. But he's gone, and I couldn't leave Abbey behind, so I took them both. This makes hikes pretty boring. I dare not take them off the trail in case of tangling. But, it was a nice day and I...
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    How do you like your hair "down there"?

    They should have to wear tags with these answers at speed dating games.
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    I'm back

    I don't know you. But hi. Welcome back. :)
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    What breed do you want to borrow?

    Oooh yeah, and a Corgi... I really like them but I'm not sure whether or not they would be a good breed for me or not. I constantly flop back and forth on whether I want one or not. I'd love to have a chance to test drive one. :)
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    How safe is Frontline?

    I hate using the stuff but living on the Gulf Coast it's an absolute necessity. It was even worse about 4 years ago, before they cut down all the trees behind our property we were essentially living in the woods. I'm not a fan of using lots of chemicals on my dogs but you have to weigh the pros...
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    What breed do you want to borrow?

    Malinois! I am not ready for that kind of dog yet, but I would love to spend maybe a week with one, just for the experience...
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    I thought I was over...

    No kidding. They are beautiful but I prefer to admire them in pictures as opposed to on my couch. :p
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    Aww, why does he have to be a boy too!?!

    Aww... What a sweet face. Some member of this forum should adopt him so we can see lots of pictures and stories about him. *poke* :D