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    Few pics of my dogs

    Looking back, I dont ever remember posting pics of my dogs. (Besides my siggie). If I have, I sure dont remember, lol. So, here is everyone! Dakota in his favorite hole. Aurora staring lovingly at the treat in my hand. Aurora's "Devil Eye" Ranger being pretty.
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    Puppy Pictures!

    Ok, here they are! The cutest husky puppies on earth! (One month old, now 6 weeks old)
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    We have PUPPIES!!!!

    Starting at 7:30 this morn, Snowy had her first pup. A hefty little thing at 18 oz. From there on, we had a pup about every half hour for a total of SIX!!! We have 4 females, and 2 males. 1 is white and cream like mom, 2 look almost excactly like dad (Ranger), and 3 look like their aunt Aurora...
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    Whats goin on?

    OK, one of my dogs (Snowball) is 60 days pregant. This is her (and mine) first litter. So for the past 3 days I've been taking her temp morning and night. Yesterday morn it was 99.7. I thought "OK, here we go!" Then by 1 pm, it was 100.2, then by evening 100.4. This morning, I took it and it was...
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    A new club for those under 18

    A person I know is trying to organize a dog-related sports club, and she wants you, yes you to join! A website is going up soon, and a newsletter is planning to be e-mailed out monthly. There will be fun articles, constests, pictures and anything else you can imagine. If you and your dog...
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    Hello from Iowa

    Hello All! My name is Megan, and I have 6 dogs- 5 Alaskan Huskies and 1 Siberian. I dog sled, bikejor and skijor with them all and its great fun! Glad to be here!