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    Hi Everybody!

    Welcome to this forum and i am sure you will enjoy and will get more good informations here. goodluck...
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    Hey Im Jackie and I have a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) named "Autumn" :)

    Hello and welcome to this forum and i am sure you will enjoy here. Goodluck!
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    Hello and wlcome to chazhound.
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    Another new member saying "HI"

    Hello to you and your dusty and wlcome to this forum.Your dusty is looking so cute.
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    Hi everyone, I am another new member looking to connect with fellow dog enthusiasts!

    Hi, welcome to this forum and i am sure you will enjoy here as well as get good information.
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    Hi Everyone!!!

    Hi, welcome to this forum.
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    Find a puppy name...

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    my newborn puppies, so cute

    I love my puppy... EDITED BY MOD: Only advertise your Web site in the Dog Sites area. Please don't hijack other threads.
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    Welcome to this forum.I hope you will enjoy here and will get more informations. Goodluck!
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    Welcome to the Goodluck...
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    Hello from Poland

    Nice dog..i like..
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    Hi,welcome to the Chazhound forum.I have a 8 year old Dobermann and I adore him.Looking forward to their pictures.
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    I'm a Newbie!

    Welcome to chazhound.I hope you will find more dog related topics.
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    Hi, Dustin and Annie welcome to the chazhound.Post their pictures i want to see.
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    New from Iowa

    Hi and welcome to this forum.You have joined a very good forum where you can get more dog realated information.
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    Hi everyone

    Hi,Welcome to this forum.
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    Hello from SC Ya'll!

    Welcome to the
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    New Dog Directory

    thanks..good dog directory.
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    Police To Hand Over Stray Dog Responsibility To Council

    DEFRA has announced the date that it intends to transfer responsibility for stray dogs from the police solely to local authorities. A letter sent to councils announces that the handover date will be April 2008. A settlement figure of £4 million pounds has also been agreed but this money will...
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    Seven Jailed For ‘Sadistic’ Dogfight

    Seven Jailed For ‘Sadistic’ Dogfight Seven men who took part in one of the most bloody, lengthy and gruelling dogfights ever witnessed were today given prison sentences ranging from four to six months. Six were also disqualified for five years from keeping dogs. The two dogs who were...