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  1. The Yorkie Gang!

    The Yorkie Gang!

  2. Precious Baby

    Precious Baby

    Do you like my harley hat? hehehehehe
  3. Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    My Precious Baby! :-)
  4. Motherly Love

    Motherly Love

    Mollie Sue and a couple of her puppies. :-)
  5. Baby-Face


    Baby-Face saying.... Hey man, don't touch my baby!!!!
  6. Brotherly Love

    Brotherly Love

    You gotta love it! hehehehe
  7. Marcie


    Just taking life easy!!!
  8. buddies_puppies_2005


    You gotta love it! Like father, Like all daughters! hehehehe
  9. Tootie


    It doesn't get anymore precious than that!
  10. Marcie and Tootie

    Marcie and Tootie

    Face to Face
  11. Precious Baby

    Precious Baby

    Here is Precious Baby sleeping.
  12. Marcie


    This is Marcie being her usual adorable self. hehehehe
  13. Tootie


    My sweet sweet Tootie sleeping. :-)
  14. Mini Me

    Mini Me

    Mini Me dressed up as a "Cowboy"
  15. Hit me!

    Hit me!

    Precious playing cards. :-)
  16. R

    Comment by 'rrdallasangel' in media 'Sexy Foxy'

    She is soooo adorable!
  17. Precious and Pinky

    Precious and Pinky

    Pinky is playing cards with her best friend, a pit bull precious.
  18. Pinky


    Pinky posing. :-)
  19. R

    Comment by 'rrdallasangel' in media 'Lean on me'

    absolutely adorable!
  20. R

    Comment by 'rrdallasangel' in media 'Daphne'

    She is soooo adorable. I love the shirt. :-)