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    Service dog help

    You may have missed, I already stated diagnosed, and not a actual prescription. Also as already stated I would have to look where I read the only dog rule. Why you can have one maybe incomplete. I've been around VA and there program since 95, also been dealing with a legal matter...
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    Service dog help

    A SDit is not considered a pet and is allowed. Edit: No other dog rule I'll have to hunt through VA's site to find. But they follow all the ADA rules with a fine tooth comb.
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    Service dog help

    Oh I wish this was true. No the dog does not even need a CGC. If brought into court your medical records are the sole documents that comes into play. Been there, done that.
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    Service dog help

    Have a diagnosed physical disability, anxiety disorder such as PTSD, debilitating chronic illness, or neurological disorder affecting at least one limb. Yes your doctor has to diagnose the condition and enter it into your medical records that having a service dog may help your condition. No...
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    Does your dog swim?

    Lake or river like a fish. Pool like a brick.
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    Service dog help

    Sorry to say you need a doctors note. That says you have said disability, and that a service dog would help you with said disability. Org's in truth are just services that help in the matter, by either reg dogs, training dogs, or in some cases providing dogs. For everyone that totes there...
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    Best Girl

    She looks great.
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    What is the worst name you've ever heard?

    While I find it a stupid name for a dog, I don't think it is that bad. Know someone with a Dobie with that name. As the person is just asking for others to think they do drugs.
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    Managing reactivity/dog aggression

    I'd advise looking into a trainer. My question is, is she confident enough to re-enforce that training and with the dogs. Find a lot that lack the confidence with bully breeds, because half training is knowing you can do it and doing the training that needs to be done.
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    What is the worst name you've ever heard?

    Same idiot that lived up the road from me with GSDs that he raised to be extremely DA/HA had most likely the most offensive and worst names. Also no they where not rasicts. just vulgar.
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    Mouse at 18 months (Pic Heavy)

    Ty he's a huge cuddle bug and loves kids. Bonus is he is also very protective of the wife and children.
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    Mouse at 18 months (Pic Heavy)

    And some more mainly with wife.
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    Mouse at 18 months (Pic Heavy)

    11 week picture. A ton from 18 months
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    Why did you pick your breed of choice?

    Parents had a Saint I loved as a kid. Mastiff's are majorly less hair, low grooming needs, lower energy, extremely kid friendly, Velcro dogs, guardian breed, and I love giant breeds.
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    Do you like to keep a specific "type" of dog?

    Have loved my giant puppies since I was around 12yrs old and 36yrs later still love them. Started with Saints and Mastiff are just my breed. <The less shedding&grooming I also love. Also love Newfie's and Leo's from afar but never see me having one due to the shedding.
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    Suggest the person above a breed!

    Going with a American Eskimo. Standard is 18 to 35lb so maybe pushing it size wise. I'm a huge dog lover with low grooming needs, needs to be good with grandchildren, and a proper guardian. not a Mastiff as I have one.
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    SD Etiquette Question

    As Romy stated they are there to preform a task, which they have been trained for. Feeding them while your out directs them away from there task, which may lead to it being distracted in other places where food is near by, and making it miss the task which it has been trained to do. Also if...
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    How to teach polite dog - dog greetings?

    Sounds good but if you do not really have dog friends for him to play with and be corrected by to learn in a controlled environment. He could take this as a one off lesson, and I worry about real world where you turn a corner and meet whatever dog and there being a issue. Not sure what...
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    Scary Breeds

    A actual guardian breed that is legal in the U.K. If your looking for now I would look at the U.K.'s mastiff rescue. This is a picture of my puppy Mouse at 16 months and yes he is very protective of the wife and the grandkids. If me or wife are not here no one is allowed in the yard let...
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    Name Ideas!

    No clue why but Mushu I like for what your describing.