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    A dark subject matter

    Okay, this is a real bummer of a subject, but I was thinking about it, and I thought it might make an interesting thread... something to think about. I've got a slightly-more-than-casual interest in survivalism and I'm beginning to put together a bug-out bag (BOB). Basically it's just a bag...
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    I was wondering, is anyone here as obsessed with the outdoors as I am?! I have always been into camping and now I'm starting to get into hiking... And I'm trying to learn to mountainbike as well. (Yes, yes, I'm 20 and I can't ride a bike... but I am getting there!) Where all do you guys go...
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    (Boring) Pictures of the girls

    It was a bad day to decide to take the camera. Normally I only walk one dog and my dad walks the other. But he's gone, and I couldn't leave Abbey behind, so I took them both. This makes hikes pretty boring. I dare not take them off the trail in case of tangling. But, it was a nice day and I...
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    Were Corgis ever really working dogs?

    Please, Corgi people, don't attack me. :eek: This entry on Terrierman's blog got me thinking. He makes some good points and I was looking to see what others thought about it. I like Corgis; they aren't for me, but I often...
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    A few of the girls

    I was up early this morning so I decided to snap a few of the girls :) Staring up at a squirrel, begging me to shoot it down for her :p I swear she's part coondog. I love this bulldog, she has such a contemplative demeanor...
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    Smooth Collies bred for work?

    First off, let me say I am not interested in getting a collie of any type. I'm not trying to find a breeder. I'm only curious. Are there any Smooth Collies who are still bred for work (herding) and not for show? It seems like all Smooth Collies are showdogs and if they do any work it is...
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    Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free

    Oh boy. It looks like Science Diet is figuring out what's happened... we're coming into an age where people are starting to actually read the labels on their pets' foods and make decisions based on common sense (do dogs really need to eat this much corn?!) and research (wow, I thought this food...
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    Does anyone here own or personally know a Laekenois? What's their temperament like and what sports/work do they excel at (besides herding)? How are they (competitively & temperament-wise) in comparison to the other Belgian sheepdogs? Do their coats require hand-stripping? Does anyone have any...
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    snoozin' dogs, trying to be cute

    And succeeding, if you ask me! :p I thought these were cute enough to share. Just took them on my phone.
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    SAR corgis?

    Has anyone heard of such a thing? Most people are surprised to find out, because I'm a big southern guy with an affinity for dobermans, APBTs, and hounds, but I really have a strong affinity for working corgis. I love their attitude, their drive, and their compact size. However, I've never...
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    DA dogs with Canine Good Citizen certification?

    I'm looking to have Abbey take the CGC test in the near future because I've really wanted her to get into therapy work. She loves people and has pretty good obedience, but I'm worried about test 8, reaction to another dog. Abbey is aggressive to dogs outside her "pack". She gets along with...
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    People who think they know your dog better than you!

    This was just funny (albeit annoying!) so I thought I'd share. Was walking Bonnie today in the neighborhood next to mine and passed a guy who said "Hey, what a pretty dog. What's she mixed with?" I said she's not mixed with anything, she's a Doberman, and he laughed and said, "Whoever told...
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    Confidence outdoors, not in?

    Was just wondering if anyone had ever heard of any such a thing. When we got Bonnie our Doberman at 4months she had spent her life previously in a garage. They had kids but she was never socialized with strangers. After some work (she's now about a year and a half old) Bonnie is usually...
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    Bonnie and Clyde (and Abbey!)

    So, Clyde is here for a couple days (: If you don't know, Clyde is Bonnie's littermate brother. My brother's friend bought them both from a BYB but found out that two Doberman puppies was too much. So he gave us Bonnie, and we still see Clyde from time to time. Bonnie and Clyde get along...
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    Dog Tags?

    I'm getting Bonnie a new collar for Christmas and I want a nice tag to go with it, but I don't know where to look. I wanted a Good Kharma tag but I'm looking for maybe something a little cheaper and I can get her a GK tag in a couple of months. So I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some cute...
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    Dogma London collars??? Anyone heard of these collars? They have a 2" rebel flag martingale that I really want but I hate to order from people/companies that I know nothing about, or don't have any acquaintance's input on.
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    Bonnie @ The Creek (some Abbey)

    I don't normally take pictures of the trail part of our walk, because on all but the very brightest days, the shade from the trees causes my camera's auto flash to come on. And if I turn the auto flash off, my shutter speed is drastically reduced and everything is blurry. :madgo: The fun of a...
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    Abbey On a Walk (and some Bonnie)

    I figured I'd bring my camera on our walk yesterday since I don't seem to get many pics of Abbey. Nothing special but here they are. Pre-walk: Walk: Post-walk:
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    Teach a dog to snarl on command?

    Anyone know how to teach a dog to snarl/show teeth on command? I want to teach the trick "smile" but haven't got a clue how... tips?