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    Must stop looking at Petfinder!!!!!

    My heart hurts! What a sweetie! Jed would love her! Enough exclamation points! I wish I could have them all :(
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    Walmart Office Chair Recalled

    If you have this chair, take it back to Walmart for a refund! The arms from the chair that I had would constantly come apart from the screws and the back fell off yesterday.
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    Disaster preparedness

    I came across this .pdf article in The Dog Channel. I am finding it very helpful. especially the hurricane sections.
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    Chewing on vertical blinds

    I was spraying the front yard this morning and Jed watched from the inside. Then while I was spraying, I happened to turn around and he was chewing on the blinds. He could not stand to be inside while I was outside. What can I do so he'll stop doing this? He doesn't do this everytime time...
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    Innova Evo

    Jed weighs about 40 pounds. For those who dog weighs about that much, how long does a 28 pound bag of Evo last for you?
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    Jed and I are glad to be part of another informative dog forum. I hope to be helpful and to learn more useful stuff.