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    Our new dog Charlie

    here is the links to the pics for our new dog charlie he is a shitzu he is so sweet and was trained by a police cheif he is a year old and can do all kinds of things we also have the other dog ginger and that is enough animals for now we have a bird and fish and that is all we can handle for now...
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    More new pictures of Ginger

    well here is the link to go look at her new pics she is up to 1 pound now and she is so little but so mean she is the leader of the family now and bosses us around and gets so mad when she has to have a bath she really bites us and we are having a bad problem trying to train her to like getting...
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    New Baby to the family and i am new here hello everyone

    well this is new for me and i wanted to be somewhere that knows what it means to be a pet owner so hello everyone and take a look at all the pics!XUHtP!0-