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    Help w\potty training

    Nathan is 3 months old....I'm trying to train him of course....he pee's out on the deck where my other dog goes...but... he also just squats where ever when he wants to. I don't remember what age they finally "get it". Any help out there???? Phyl
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    Renne get your thinking cap on

    My daughter has 2 lab mix's. She wants to get a min dobbie. Someone told her that they would not be good with other that true?? She was dissapointed. They also told her that they were ver snappy. Phyl :(
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    He talks and we talk just like him

    Corgan talks a lot! I think he also has us trained to talk for him. We talk "Doggie talk" to him and "For Him". As if we really know what he is saying to us. Any other crazies out there? ;)
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    sorry everyone

    I had been so happy to be part of the chazhound site. But I really don't know how to use it well yet. I work a lot and by the time I get home I'm too tired to try, lol! I thought I wrote and asked everyone if they watched the "Westminster" dog show the other night. I cant find my message...
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    Any Vet's out there? (Allergies)

    Any Vet's out there? I had Corgan our Sieb Husky to the Vet about 3 months ago. Doc said he has allergies. He lost some hair inbetween his legs and he was in terrible pain. He put him on "Prednisone". It worked! But now it's back again. I called and they said to start him on it...
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    Sieb Husky!

    Corgan is the worst eater!! Will only eat boiled chicken and rice. I spoiled him......yes.....I know, but he was a sickly puppy and the vet told me to feed it to him. That was it, I never stopped. He eats one day......does not the next. Looks at me like I'm crazy when I give him his food...
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    On the lips??

    :p Ok, fess up!! I kiss Corgan right on the lips. Did with all my animals. Most people think I'm crazy.......I love it. So sweet. Like a new born. Who else out there does that???? Phyl
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    Take a look at him!

    :rolleyes: Hope you will go to "Funny Dog's" in the Chazhound and see Corgan......the name of the picture in "Xmas'd Out" also "waiting for Mommy to come home." He is named after Billy Corgan from "smashing pumpkins" a rock group. It fits him well. Phyl
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    undefinedundefinedundefined :confused: Hope I'm doing this right!! I'm so happy that I found this site. Some people think I'm crazy because I make such a fuss about my dog. He is a true member of the family. I've had many dogs, black labs, mutts and now Corgan, Sieberian Husky. What's...