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  1. Dex

    I need your help Chazzers! (it's easy, I promise!)

    So I've been feeling a little stuck lately with Codex and our freestyle routine in disc dog. I've got the world at my fingertips via youtube and somehow I just end up watching the same videos over and over!! This is where I need your help! Please post your favorite disc dog youtube video...
  2. Dex

    The DNA Results are in!!

    So I know in general not much credit is given to DNA tests, but when it was on sale for $30 I couldn't help myself!! I had Codex's done. I'll start with photos of her, and the results are at the end of the post! From the front: Two jumping photos: Side view: PUPPY! For...
  3. Dex

    Wild Dogs

    Spent last weekend at a friend's cabin property & the dogs got to be wild dogs for two days... they loved it! My boyfriend took these photos, enjoy! The tiny muskrat The majestic derp-a-dor Dancing wood-elf Minnesota Black Bear One of my favorite pictures from the...
  4. Dex

    Breed guess?

    Everyone has a different guess for what Codex is, and I'd like to see what the Chaz community thinks! I know for sure what her mother's breed is, but that leaves 50% to the imagination. I've included a few photos from the front and side, as well as a few of her litter mates. The two merles in...
  5. Dex

    New to Chaz!

    Hello! My name is Jess and I'm new to Chaz but know a few local members. I live in the Twin Cities area with two of my own dogs and one foster dog. I love spending time with them and playing various dog sports. See below for little intros and some pictures :p Dodger: part time snuggler...