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  1. Finkie_Mom

    Intact males + females

    I've actually not had issues in my small house. They are separated overnight only by a baby gate and the crates they sleep in, during the day by a couple of baby gates and their crates. Never unsupervised AT ALL during any parts of the cycle, but supervised at the very beginning and the very...
  2. Finkie_Mom

    What does your family think of your dogs?

    My parents only like Pentti and Bubbles because they are calm LOL. My siblings generally like Kimma and Bubbles. In-laws obviously love Pen since they have him now, and they love the girls (Bubbles has sleep overs there on occasion). Jari gets no love LOL. But he's also the youngest and...
  3. Finkie_Mom

    We still exist!

    OK I have no idea how to make these pics smaller... Sorry, all!!! Life has been busy! But here are a few pics of the red dogs :D Kimma turned 6 today!!! Bubbles turned 6 a couple of weeks ago, and has started agility foundations :) Pen is loving life with my in-laws and their...
  4. Finkie_Mom

    Anyone ever go to Fenzi Camp?

    I went last year to help/audit. It was really great. I learned a TON. And everyone there was super nice! I'll be going this year with a working spot :D
  5. Finkie_Mom

    Getting into breeding

    Basically, I wanted to start producing Finkies that come from titled parents (not just a Ch title, but some sport/therapy work/something) that I felt continued to have appropriate prey drive and structure (health testing too) that would allow them to do what they were bred for (basically run...
  6. Finkie_Mom

    What do you drive?

    I have a Honda Pilot and I LOVE it (I'm on my second one, and the only reason I got rid of the first was because it wasn't 4WD since we bought it in TX). I permanently folded down the back row of seats and have 2 vari-kennels (32" length) there. I'm not sure how much more I could fit if I...
  7. Finkie_Mom

    Do you have a favorite?

    YES. Kimma Jari Pentti Bubbles I love them all dearly, but Kimma is constantly challenging me in so many ways. Without her, I would not be a trainer for sure. Jari's actually turning out to be pretty consistent and since he doesn't have the issues Kimma has, will hopefully turn out...
  8. Finkie_Mom

    Fenzi Courses

    Oh man! You will have a blast. Seeing her at Ferretpalooza was so awesome. She'll make you feel at ease. I'm only doing working on Saturday. Not sure who I'll bring yet LOL. Most likely Kimma. But who knows :p It will be fun to see you with your dogs :D
  9. Finkie_Mom

    Does your dog meet standard?

    Jari - Yes. Totally. I'm hoping he's going to do well in the breed ring if I ever get him in there/find competition. He's ALMOST too tall but not quite :P Bubbles - Also yes. I think she's a really nice girl (obviously, since I bred her LOL). Only thing I really don't like is her tail -...
  10. Finkie_Mom

    Stacked Dogs

    I apparently haven't taken stacked pictures of the girls in FOREVER. So here we go... These are all free stacks. Kimma Finnish Spitz 5 years old (pic taken when she was 3) Spayed (when she was 6 months old - I didn't know any differently!) female 20lbs 16.25" Bubbles...
  11. Finkie_Mom

    Recallers 6.0

    It is I think around $400 to join. The free sneak peek is just for the first 4 games (Critical Core games). Totally worth it though!!! And I guess it gives an idea as to the set up for the course :)
  12. Finkie_Mom

    What's Your Walking Setup?

    Depends on where we are going and who I have with me. Solo trips to like a pet store or something, they will wear their EL collars with a leather or nylon leash. Walks Bubbles wears her ComfortFlex harness and is walked on a custom Karma Collars leather waist leash. She wears her Lupine...
  13. Finkie_Mom

    Herding Trial brags and photos

    Congrats!!! Awesome brags and pictures!!!
  14. Finkie_Mom

    Anyone else have this problem?

    I'm pretty set on my breed/type, but I waffle back and forth on that simply because of agility. Obviously any healthy dog within reason has the potential to do agility and do pretty well, but it might be nice to actually have a dog that comes from proven performance lines. Herders (BCs...
  15. Finkie_Mom

    Do you like to keep a specific "type" of dog?

    I (obviously) have a certain type LOL. I really enjoy my independent dogs who will only somewhat follow me from room to room, but still want to play with me when it's time to train or whatever. Off leash skills (as in just go out in a field and play off leash) don't matter as when they are...
  16. Finkie_Mom

    Out with the Poodle

    I really love him. He's so handsome <3
  17. Finkie_Mom

    Leo turns 2!

    Lovely pictures!!! Happy (belated) birthday, Leo :D
  18. Finkie_Mom

    Fenzi Courses

    So far I'm digging it! My guys are already good with the zen stuff (they've all done IYC), know hand touches, and have solid release cues to movement and to no movement, so thus far it hasn't been too many new things. However, I have been focusing A LOT on getting Kimma to calm herself down...
  19. Finkie_Mom

    Your Dog(s) and Hugs

    Bubbles LOVES hugs Pen will tolerate hugs Jari thinks hugs = play time Kimma says NO HUGS EVER (not even from me)
  20. Finkie_Mom

    Agility training

    YAY! Go Gusto!! I'm so happy for you, BB :D Good luck to you and Kili, krissy! Kimma's been weird again lately, so we're going to lay low (still have trials entered, but not doing any classes really) and see how she goes. She did well at our trial last weekend (she got zooms in...