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    Layla is no longer with us

    I'm sorry Breeze. :(
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    Good bye my perfect puppy

    Kerri, I'm sooo sorry. I'm glad I got to meet Kat. She was such a wonderful lil' pup. That terrible darkness will pass. We are here if you need anything.
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    Lightroom use through wine?

    She's running it under a virtual machine. It's no big deal since we use it for the embroidery software already.
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    Wilson still thinks he's a rock star..

    <3 Wilson! It's their loss.
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    Rewards for a good days work..

    Very nice work. Love the pic!
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    Finally got my pictures :)

    Love the action shots! Especially flyball ones.
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    Allie Draws Live!

    Per Ben's usual luck:
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    Art's new collar

    Oh wow, he is very handsome!
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    Some of Ophie and Luke

    Reminds me of an ASPCA commercial. Now, I have the Sarah McLachlan song in my head, dammit.
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    Ubuntu for dummies?

    Don't worry about the terminal for now. It is super powerful but certainly has a learning curve. What is giving you trouble in the software center? I just use Synaptic Package Manager. But, the software center should work, too. Also, if you want to go back 10.04, you should be able to...
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    Very handsome guy!
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    Nel's Ella's Collar + random dane

    Love your pics and your Danes!
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    Ubuntu for dummies?

    VMWare :P
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    Ubuntu for dummies?

    It's the master password that protects any saved passwords on your computer. Normally it is ridiculously encrypted. You'll use it normally to gain root permissions (make changes to your computer). It also uses it to preliminarily connect to the internet (i.e., your wireless password).
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    Ubuntu for dummies?

    11.04? Not my favorite. It's using Unity which I don't like at all. You can reboot and specify the "classic" view which should be much more intuitive. I hate that sidebar. I'm running 11.04 and have seriously considered dropping back to the long term release of 10.04.
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    Wilson is sulking

    Glorious amounts of unrestricted humping, of course. :rofl1:
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    My neighbour

    "I suggested he get rid of his fondness of breathing." I wish I was a fly on the wall for that one.
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    You guys want to see Wilson on TV?

    GAWD! I love Wilson! Good luck!
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    MAJOR pic thread from our great US adventure!!! +a few differences between countries

    Oh, so do I. Some think that debit or credit is less secure than the check. I'd rather have a receipt with no personal info, than a check with routing and account numbers floating around. Many larger stores process the check and give it right back. Still, it slows things way down. Also...
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    (More) Ella's Lead Collar Help

    Tapering 1.25" down to 3/4" would certainly make it more "size appropriate". The 3/4" buckles are a nice double-bar, where the 1 inch would be a heavier halter buckle.