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    Why were my posts erased?

    When I logged in today, I noticed that that my Breed Suggestions thread has totally disappeared, which also led me to notice that all my posts between 10/14 and today have been erased. What's up with that? Anyone else have a similar problem?
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    There ARE still nice people out there!

    Today I took Kai for our usual walk down the nature trail. Nothing out of the ordinary until we got back to our house and realized that my phone was no longer in my pocket. I knew I had it with me at the beginning of the walk.... So it was out there... Somewhere along the 2 mile path we just...
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    NEW Pictures of Kai! Yay!

    Kai has been saving up his money very carefully. So, here he is driving his new car. :D *more pics coming*
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    Best starter agility kit?

    Hey guys! We just started agility classes and I love it. I would love to get some equipment so that we can practice at home. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm also semi-open to building my own equipment, does anyone have any experience with that? Thanks!
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    Pics f/ Kai's Birthday + update

    I haven't posted much this summer because my internship and life kept me really busy. But my last day was yesterday, so I think it's time for an update. Kai turned 2 years old on Tuesday! Yay! We are so blessed to have this little monster. He also passed the Canine Good Citizen test...
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    Zoey found a home!

    Hey everyone. Sorry that I've been bad about updating. I started my summer internship this week and have been really busy! Zoey went to her new home on Monday night! They saw her ad on Craigslist, so thanks to the person who suggested that! :) She is now with a family about 30 minutes...
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    I hate our landlord!

    Our landlord has really pissed me off! As most of you know, we found a stray a couple months ago and have basically be looking for a home for her ever since. We thought a friend was going to take her and that fell through. Up until recently, all the rescues were full. Petfinder was...
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    Urgent! Landlord gave us 2 weeks!

    My landlord just came by and we are now on notice. We have 2 weeks to find a home for our stray Zoey or she has to go to the SPCA. :( I can't bear to do that, she will almost certainly be put down. All the local rescues are full. We put an ad in the newspaper, but it hasn't worked out with...
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    Birthday Pictures

    Pictures from my boyfriend's birthday. Zoey was really good about wearing her party hat. But Kai was not amused! You're not going to put that thing on me again, are you? Zoey is always a good sport, as long as there is food involved! That's all! :-)
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    "Bulldogs will turn on you!"

    Let me start of by saying :rolleyes: . My boyfriend's mom is in hysterics because she showed Zoey's picture to some stupid old biddy who said that she's definitely "part Bulldog" and that "Bulldogs" seem nice at first, but will "turn on you" without warning. :rolleyes: Now his mom thinks...
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    A collar for Zoey?

    I've been thinking about getting a collar for Zoey. I like these two designs from this store. The collars come in black, dark brown, dark green, red, burgundy, mahogany, deep purple and turquoise. Which color do you think...
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    A funny Zoey picture + more

    This picture was so funny, I just had to start a picture thread. This girl makes the funniest faces! lol Kai says that he can make funny faces too! Zoey says that she can smile too! The goofy bunch.
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    Unreasonable expectations?

    I was talking with my boyfriend about rehoming Zoey and I mentioned that I wanted to find a home for her that was at least as good as ours. He laughed and said that we'd be waiting a long time then. :rolleyes: He said good luck finding someone who will spend as much time exercising...
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    Who's the Boss? (pics of Kai and Zoey)

    I guess I didn't give my little man enough credit! I was worried about Zoey hurting him during their rough play sessions. But look who's laying the smack down on the rambunctious puppy! *more*
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    What's up with these Petfinder responses?

    Zoey's petfinder ad went up yesterday, and I got two responses this morning. But something is definitely off about them. First of all, they refer to him/her. :rolleyes: They want me to give her to a "representative". And they want to know things about her that I clearly stated in the ad...
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    Our friend isn't adopting Zoey

    I just talked to the friend that was going to adopt Zoey. Apparently he can't take her anymore because he had a falling out with his roomies. :( I so wanted her to go to him. Now we have to start from scratch looking for a home for her. I don't have any other friends that want to take her...
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    Are your dogs total opposites?

    I'm coming to realize more and more that Kai and Zoey are total opposites! :lol-sign: I'm wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? Kai is very light and agile. Zoey is built like a Mack Truck. Kai will walk quietly beside you, Zoey plows ahead of you. Kai is extremely sensitive and...
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    Way to make her more gentle?

    Hey all... I've got another Zoey question. Zoey and Kai seem to really like each other, but sometimes Zoey gets really rough with him during play. She'll tackle him or slam him into a wall or smack him really hard with her paw. Keep in mind that he is half her size. I don't think it...
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    Zoey growled at me... Help!

    I gave Zoey (the stray we took in a few weeks ago) a rawhide to keep her busy while I'm studying. A few hours later, I went to reach for it, and she growled at me. :( It scared the living daylights out of me. I tried again and she did the same thing. I put her out in the garage and took...
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    Finals-Comsuming my life

    For the next week or so, finals are going to totally consume my life. I will hardly have any Chaz time. I'll be happy to have time to eat and shower. In fact, if you see me on here for more than 30 minutes, pm me and ask me what the hell I'm doing! So, I'm sorry if I miss important threads...