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  1. josephine

    Acting Weird

    Hi all, It's been a while since i've visited the forums. My lil Prita acts weird the last two days, she has a favourite big staffed toy and two other small ones, she lies down on it for hours or even the whole day. When you try to go near here she gets angry and she growls. She doesn't let...
  2. josephine

    what can you do in case of poisoning

    Hello all! Hope all is well! Well i've been wondering if someone knows of something quick you can do if you see that your dog was poisoned, something you can do right away before you take the dog to the vet. Anyone knows of something? I'm so afraid that my neighbor may try something...
  3. josephine

    prita's new hair cut

    Hello all, so i decided to take Prita to the groomer for a hair cut. BEFORE AFTER Man when i first saw her,i didn't believe that she's my dog :eek: She looks so different... In the beginning Prita was feeling so sad,she was sitting down and didn't want to play,i kept...
  4. josephine

    prita is changing color

    Hello all! it's been a while since my last post.hope all is well. I'd like to ask you something,do dogs change colors?I've had lots of dogs but none of my dogs changed color... Prita is changing,she was black with a little white on her feet and on her chest and a little on her face...
  5. josephine

    prita learned

    Prita learned to scratch the door every time she wants to go out(to eat,drink water,pee etc) And i don't even taught her that,i think she find out on her own what to do. I'm so happy! :D Just wanted the world to know lol
  6. josephine

    ear-drops,hates to be touched on the ears

    I took Prita to the vet because she keeps scratching her ears and does a "pain" sound.The vet tried to clean her ears but she couldn't manage to clean them good so she prescribed for her ear-drops for a week... The thing is that i tried yesterday to put few drops in her ear and she doesn't let...
  7. josephine

    acana?anyone heard about it

    Today i found a store/pet clinic where they had the canutra(acana) food,canadian.Said it's the best,I read a leaflet about it and says that it's free of wheat and glutens and that the ingredients is good for human consumption also 60% chicken.Their philosophy is "Eat well live long" I don't...
  8. josephine

    Dad worries that we might get sick b/c of dog

    Today Prita finished all the vaccinations(she takes also pills for the worms etc),that she had to do. But my dad worries all the time that we might get sick,for some reason because of the dog if we touch it way too much,we put it all the time in the house etc etc...That someone of us might eat...
  9. josephine

    puked two times :(

    Prita puked two times,I don't get it why since i didn't get to feed her today,her mood is ok and she's really active. Maybe she found something and ate it,we have some trees in the front yard,do you think that she might ate something that she found there?She puts almost everything in her mouth...
  10. josephine

    225 training dog resources

    well it's not mine,but i have found this and would like to share it with all of you. 225 training dog resources i didn't know where it fitted best,here or in the training forum so i apologize to the mods if it doesn't belong here. this is the search engine, it's a good...
  11. josephine

    forum rules?

    if there are i can't find them are there any? I just want to know what members shouldn't do,with what they can get warnings or ban...
  12. josephine

    barking when locked in crate

    Prita loves her crate,she has been sleeping in it for over two months...she didn't bark at all,she was going there on her own and then late at night i was closing her the door...yesterday night she didn't stop barking at all so i had to take her at the basement,where she has a dog house,there...
  13. josephine

    toxic plants

    just found this... Toxic Plants...a NONO for dogs
  14. josephine

    pedigree food

    I'd like to ask for your opinion...From the moment i adopted prita i've been feeding her almost all the products of pedigree she loves the schmachos treats and the chucky(or whatever it's called over there(pal?)) She loves the canned rice with chicken and also the dental rask . Do you know if...
  15. josephine

    my girl was humping a toy

    sorry for asking this,but i'm just kinda shocked lol .Today when i gave her the toy to play,it's one of her favorites i noticed that she did what male dogs do...she was humping it lol,at least that's what it looked like :eek: is it normal for a female dog to do that?or my little girl wants to...
  16. josephine

    i'd like to share this

    I lost Max a year ago,he was 3years old,I loved him so much...I was sure that i wouldn't adopt a dog ever again but a little puppy warmed my heart 3months ago...she filled my empty heart. I'd like to share this with all of you...what i made back...I surely miss him still but i know that i...
  17. josephine

    hello all

    Hi my name is Penny and i'm from Greece.3 months ago i found my precious Prita(from koprita which in english means something like pooch/tike etc) in the streets, so i decided to adopt her...she's 6months now,a black with white feet canis/griffon.she's so sweet,makes everyone in the family to...