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    Ho. Ly. Crap

    Just saw a posting on Craigslist. A hoarder just dumped 20 small dogs and puppies on a local shelter (where we had gotten cthulhu). The shelter is already full, and 30 dogs are at risk of being put back on the euth list this week. Honestly my school loan can not come fast enough. I just need...
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    Had some fun today

    Erin and I took my lil sister and went to the local shelter today. Austin Pets Alive is a great shelter that takes really good care of their animals, and we wanted to help out a bit. We went and played with some dogs, walked them, and gave them lots of love. If I had a car I'd happily be a...
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    American Eskimo Information

    Hey everybody, so Erin and I have pretty much set on trying to get a Chi soon. But she LOVES Huskies and Eskimos, and I just found an Eskimo puppy on Craigslist. I'm just looking for information. Temperament, Grooming, Etc. I've always been concerned about having winter dogs in Texas, but I'm...
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    Daily LMAO

    OMG I've had a super boring week, and this picture cheered me right up. Found on Craigslist.
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    Not sure how many tattoo fans there are on Chaz. But I figured I'd post these anyway, and if anyone would like to post their own tattoo pics, that would be pretty awesome My newest, on my forearm: Got this the same day. Will eventually be a whole shark scene, ocean background, etc, up...
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    So difficult

    Today Erin and I ran by Petsmart to grab some fish stuff and the local shelter was there showing off some dogs. They're always there, so it wasn't a surprise, but I should have known better than to stop and look. There was this awesome little chihuahua/pug (chug lol). She was laying in her...
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    New Dog, Need Help

    Hey everybody. (I'm so sorry this post is so long) So for those who don't know, yesterday we had to give up Cthulhu. He had attacked a neighbors dog, and the owner freaked and went to our apartment's office. The management (sadly, within their rights) gave us 24 hours to remove the dog...
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    Sad day

    So Erin and I are saying goodbye to Cthulhu tomorrow. We're both really down about it. Last week he got away from us for a moment and attacked our neighbors mini schnauzer. The owner complained to the office, and we've been asked to remove him permanently. It's really infuriating because I...
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    Sleep tears

    Hey everyone, so Cthulhu gets crusty buildup in his mustache from sleep tears. I haven't taken him to the vet yet, but he isn't showing any signs of eye irritation. I'm just wondering how i can clean up the gunk. He snaps if i try to pull it out, and i don't want to hurt him. I was thinking a...
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    Cthulhu being terrifying

    Oh yes, my dog is soooo scary. He's a big ball of aggressive. LMAO. Anyways, this is him playing with Erin, and my first good pictures of him. I love this dog so darned much. Oh, and a big thanks to those who helped me find out that he's a Border Terrier, and not a Miniature Schnauzer...
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    What the heck is my dog?

    Hello all, So when we adopted Cthulhu, we were told he was a mini Schnauzer/Cairn mix. But I've been thinking, and he's twice as big as either of those. To be completely honest, he looks like a miniature Irish Wolfhound, but after some research I found out that there aren't any. So any help...
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    I can haz job vibez plz?

    So I'm waiting to hear from a guy about a job. I've been a full time student for two years, and my girlfriend could really use the help. Its been a week so I might go in today and ask.
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    ATX Chazzers?

    Looking for fellow dog lovers in the Austin, TX, area. Cthulhu is still a bit too dog aggressive, but Erin and i would love to meet other dog owners. Anybody interested, particularly in South Austin?
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    Voiding in the Kennel

    Hey everybody. Cthulhu has been voiding in his kennel for the last two days. The first time, he just peed, and I partly blame myself because Erin and I went out for longer than we planned (about 5 hours). Today though, he went this morning on my carpet, then again when I took him outside, and...
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    Does anyone live in Nashville, TN? My GF and I are considering moving there, and I'm looking for tips as to what neighborhoods are good. We're looking for an apartment, not a house, so that narrows it down. If you want to throw in some pros/cons of living there, that would be great too! And...
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    Doggy Bones

    Hey everybody. I got Cthulhu a rawhide bone, but he doesn't seem to care about it. I was thinking about getting him a real bone, but I don't want to get one that splinters. What are some of your favorite NON-SPLINTERING dog bones? As always, Muchas Gracias.
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    Weird encounters

    So this weekend Erin and I took Cthulhu to my grandparents house out in the country. As usual, he didn't get along with the dog or cats. But he did have a very fun experience with some sheep. He actually licked one on its nose for a bit, and was mostly calm around them. One did try to intimidate...
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    Prong leashes

    Hey everybody. I've been posting a lot, but i haven't had a dog since i was five, so bear with me. Cthulhu pulls on his leash a lot. He's easily distracted by squirrels, birds, etc. i know that as a schnauzer he's bred for hunting, but i can't have him pulling my arm of every time he's excited...
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    People are stupid

    So I'm hanging out at the coffee shop with Cthulhu, and it starts getting busy. Cthulhu likes to growl to get attention, i haven't quite trained that out of him. Anyways this guy walks past and says that aggressive dogs aren't allowed. I say he's not aggressive, and the guy says he's barked at...
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    Meet Cthulhu

    Finally got Cthulhu to sit still for a decent picture. He's a schnauzer terrier mix. Best dog ever.