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    The rest of the gang

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    Annie's 18th :)

    Had to document the old fart's 18th birthday on 1/10- not too cold out so she even putted around the yard a bit in celebration :) The tribulations of being 2 dogs long and 1 dog wide... The yard was pretty soggy
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    Some recent pics of my guys

    Took these in August, while I was taking pics of my Mom's foster kitten (who's since become her foster fail!)
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    Puppy vs adult temperament?

    Looking for anecdotal information on change in temperament in dogs from puppy to adult, ie: if a puppy is super wiggly, stupid happy, what are the odds of them growing up to have a less outgoing temperament? Or vice versa? Also curious about drive levels, what are the odds that a drivey pup will...
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    Heat INtolerance?

    Curious as to whether others have experienced an increased intolerance for hot weather (particularly while exercising) in their dogs and what the suspected cause was? Bus is 9 1/2 years old now, and still as active as ever, but I've noticed over the last year or two that his tolerance for...
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    These are from early summer... better late then never I guess! One of his favorite things to do is dig in/gather things from the boat ramp. When we pulled in that big piling, he tried to drag it out of the water, likes to keep his playground neat and clean.... Digging He gets angry when...
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    Sound sensitivity/hiding

    Bus is terrified of the sounds the CO and smoke detectors (particularly at my parents' house, where we hang out a lot) make. This was previously only a problem last spring, when my Dad initially installed the CO detector and tested it, the bird (African grey, picks up annoying sounds instantly...
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    Bus and Annie vids

    These are from spring- have had Bus out tracking a couple times more recently, but no video. Annie doesn't get to go when it's hot because she screeches when tied out or in the car with windows down, causing people to seek out the "dying animal" and bother us. Surface not so good in these, it...
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    Bus & Annie (& friend)

    These are from the beginning of summer, Annie will wander back u to the house (through the driveway) if I'm not watching, hence the leash. That's "our" feral cat, Stash, he came from the colony across the street and adopted us, uses my parents' house as his foul weather flop house but won't...
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    Drop ears + wind= !???

    These are from March, our first trip to the beach this year- it was a bit breezy! Old fart carefully picking her way along the rocks She's preparing for launch! She's trying to lase me with her eyes Fat-as-a-tick dog can be off-leash there only because her...
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    Bus at beach

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    For hire: landscaper

    I've long considered starting a wiener dog powered landscaping business- just turn Bus loose in someone's yard, then place plants in fitting sixed holes after he's done "designing" it... trees in the big holes, smaller flowers in the smaller holes, rocks in the trenches. Hey, if elephants can be...
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    Along with rocks, Bus likes fetching sticks from the water- sometimes he's a little overly ambitious. These are from last April, it's still too cold now. Annie use to fetch sticks too, not she doesn't swim unless it's 90+, and prefers to take Bus' sticks once he gets them on...
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    Bus in snow

    These are from last week sometime Annie avoids wet/cold conditions at all cost, so snow is the worst case scenario for her
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    Scuba dog

    We had two lovely 60ish degree days, and now we're being put back into the freezer again :< We're ready for warmer weather, Bus is ready to get back to his favorite summer activities- he tried to lifeguard some rocks from the water the other day at the beach, but seeing as there were chunks of...
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    Cold weather fan?

    That's a solid no from Annie- took the gang out for a short while in the yard, Annie stayed long enough to find some poop in the leaves, then headed back to the porch to wait impatiently! She wants to retire in Florida. Bus is more cold hardy, but he gets wet from the mud, then subsequently...
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    Few of my cats together

    This Cat and Vader Dec '09 Post laser chase in Jan '10 Oct '10 Jan '12
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    Fathead (lots of pics)

    Fathead was the 3rd (and last) cat I acquired... she too came through my work. A charming woman presented her and her 3 littermates one Sunday in May '10 because she had found their mother dead in her yard (fox or dog attack) and when we told her we couldn't take them and offered to contact some...
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    Vader (lots of pics)

    In April of '09 I was at work and received a call from a man who had found a deceased cat in his shed with 3 living kittens. He said they were walking around, alert, meowing, etc. When he arrived with them shortly thereafter, they were 2 weeks or so old, not moving, labored breathing, and...
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    This Cat (lots of pics)

    This Cat was the first pet I acquired as an adult... can you tell? She was 5 weeks old when I heard her yowling from a bush near an empty house while walking the dogs in May '08. It was about to storm, and the neighbor said she'd been doing it for hours, so I decided to go ahead and wrangle her...