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  1. Finkie_Mom

    We still exist!

    OK I have no idea how to make these pics smaller... Sorry, all!!! Life has been busy! But here are a few pics of the red dogs :D Kimma turned 6 today!!! Bubbles turned 6 a couple of weeks ago, and has started agility foundations :) Pen is loving life with my in-laws and their...
  2. Finkie_Mom

    Jari is 2!

    I cannot even believe it. He's been acting like a normal dog sometimes, which includes sleeping in late and having something of an off switch even after not too much exercise. MIRACLES. Here he was 3 days after he was born: Almost 2 months old: Today: Around 2 months old...
  3. Finkie_Mom

    Finkie Update

    Pen had his 50th Therapy visit Bubbles turned 5 So did Kimma, at Invitationals :) Jari worked on NOT eating garland They posed for a Christmas picture :)
  4. Finkie_Mom

    Anyone going to be in Orlando in Dec?

    Anyone going to/participating in Eukanuba, the Obedience Classic, or the Agility Invitationals????
  5. Finkie_Mom

    Signature things?

    So I'm really bad with technology and life and have no idea how to make a signature. DH did mine for another forum like forever ago but he's away at work and busy all the time now. Anyone want to tackle this for me? Preferably one of my FB friends so they can just steal pictures of mine from...
  6. Finkie_Mom


    Got his CGC??? HUH?!???! He had been doing so well lately with his dog reactivity that I decided to give it a shot. I figured the worst that happens is that I wait a bit longer, train more, and give it a go another time. But the little dude passed! AND we took the test outside as a...
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    Anyone here doing Recallers? :popcorn:
  8. Finkie_Mom

    Some things never change...

    March 2013 - Kimma and Jari May 2014 - Kimma and Jari
  9. Finkie_Mom

    Quick one.

    Love these pups <3 (Jari looks huge compared to the girls)
  10. Finkie_Mom

    Waist Leashes

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a waist leash. Or alternatively, any criticisms about any they have used. Ideally I would like to use it for work as well, so it would have to be able to take a lot of abuse LOL.
  11. Finkie_Mom

    Random Toy Search

    So I've been really wanting to get Jari to use tug as a reward for agility. He does it at home halfheartedly, but is still mostly all about food. Until I was cleaning today and noticed that he REALLY wanted to play with the swiffer duster I was using. So I used it for weaves in the yard, and...
  12. Finkie_Mom

    When did this happen?

    Seriously. When did my puppy grow up? Oh wait, he's still a goof :p Bonus Kimma <3
  13. Finkie_Mom

    Kimma's Famous!

    Well, sort of :p I was interviewed for an article in Dog News about multi-titled Finnish Spitz (along with others). There's a picture of Kimma in there doing weaves, and obviously some quotes from me (Katie Brennan). Pages 56-57 and 85 :D
  14. Finkie_Mom

    What I get to do at work...

    Just a video I took last week of one of the dogs I train at work. He's being trained for SAR, and will hopefully end up doing wilderness/avalanche. yHecGxqjABw It's exciting because I started working there last summer knowing nothing about the SAR/detection world, and I've been able to...
  15. Finkie_Mom

    A few from this weekend.

    Troublemakers after helping teach my morning of training classes Saturday: Pen loves his work <3 Pen and Kimma on our super muddy/wet walk yesterday: Me and Jari working at the park yesterday:
  16. Finkie_Mom

    I'm sorry - I just have to brag!

    Kimma got her AXJ title today! She is the highest titling female Finnish Spitz in agility. The youngest Finnish Spitz to get to the Masters level/got there in the fastest time (from starting to trial until now has been a year and 4 months). Now holds the breed record for the most amount...
  17. Finkie_Mom

    I'm so tired of the snow.

    But obviously these guys aren't :p I just love how athletic they are - especially in 10 inches of snow!
  18. Finkie_Mom

    Barn Hunt

    So I think I'm going to enter Kimma in a trial in March. I know it's 4 trials in a weekend, 2 trials a day. What exactly do I enter? Instinct and Novice on both days? Can she do Novice at all if she doesn't get her Instinct (I mean, would it count)? I guess "ideally" she could do...
  19. Finkie_Mom

    Baby Pup Birthday

    A year ago today, this little thing was born: He's always had strong opinions about everything...
  20. Finkie_Mom

    Food Suggestions

    OK so I'm trying to find a food that Pen and Bubby do well on. They actually do really well on Pro Plan Performance (or I think they renamed it Sport or something), but I was trying to find something a bit "better." We've been through Fromm, TOTW, and Nature's Variety Instinct. They get...