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  1. pitbulliest

    Miss my old friends, miss Messina

    Hello old friends, if you're still around. It has been more than a decade since I joined this wonderful forum. We shared so much information, stories, photos, and made friendships. We shared out love of dogs, breeds, and animals in general. My dear sweet Messina passed in 2015, just two months...
  2. pitbulliest

    Help! My girl has Pemphigus Foliaceus :(

    Hello all. My I haven't been here in what seems like decades. I have quite the situation on my hands. My poor girl Messina, now 12 years old, has been diagnosed with pemphigus foliaceus. Over a year ago I started noticing some scabbing around her mouth and our regular vet thought it was...
  3. pitbulliest

    Messina Running for Pet Idol - Please Vote!

    Hey guys. I need a bit of help. I entered my dog into Pet Idol, and I may have a pretty good chance of winning, if everyone helps me out that is LOL. Maybe I can begin to pay off my student loan hehehe..You can vote once a day, every day until the contest is over. Just: 1. Go to this address...
  4. pitbulliest

    Pit Bull Related Event

    Didn't really know where to post this...hope its not an issue. If so, I guess it'll get taken down or edited, but its worth a try :) Anyways, the Pit Bull Co-op in Toronto is hosting an event to raise money for pit bulls as well as for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Canada. So, without...
  5. pitbulliest

    Heartworm in Europe

    How do I find out where heartworm is in Europe and whether or not my dog should be on preventative when travelling there? Specifically, I am referring to Poland during the summer months.
  6. pitbulliest

    Heartworm in Europe?

    Anybody know what the statistics are on heartworm in Europe, especially Poland/North Eastern Europe? I may be travelling there next year, but I'm curious to find some information as soon as possible. Very curious... :) Anybody?
  7. pitbulliest

    Heartworm Meds

    Hey guys I have a question for you all. I'm not keen on using heartworm, so I've been using holistic alternatives this season only because Messina's mostly been at home...but we are going camping in a few weeks...anyways.. My question is..if she was bitten by mosquitos, and I give her the...
  8. pitbulliest

    Chipped Tooth - Did I do the right thing?

    Hey guys. Messina was chewing on a raw bone (lamb) and chipped her tooth in half. At first, she had a bit of discomfort when I touched seemed like part of the root or who knows what was visible to the outside. After a few days it turned brownish and she didn't mind me touching it...
  9. pitbulliest

    Your Vote Counts!

    Hey guys..can you please vote for my dogs at pet idol? You don't have to vote for both if you don't want to.. My chihuahua is doing better with the votes though hehe hint hint: and here's my pittie: I've never won...
  10. pitbulliest

    Gastro Dog, Which Diet?

    Hey guys I need some advice for a friend that just adopted a beautiful lab (remember I was inquiring about lab adoption a few months ago?)..he's 4 or 5 years old I believe..just a lovely guy. Anyways..the dog is on a vet gastro diet...I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions in regards...
  11. pitbulliest

    Pee time, bladder infections, and kidney disease (oh my!)

    I would like to ask you guys a question. How long is your dog inside before you get a chance to let him/her go out for a pee? My dogs go out late at about 12am or 1am... they don't go out again until about 11am or 12pm... There haven't been any accidents or anything..because...
  12. pitbulliest

    How to Assess a Dog... ?

    For anyone doing rescue or adoptions that assess dogs on their own, how do you do it....I mean, did you have any behavior training prior to, or have you taken any courses? How do you assess a dog properly for behavior before adoption?
  13. pitbulliest

    Dogs for Adoption!

    If anyone is looking for a pittie to add to the family, or knows anyone that's dogless and needs some pibble love, please forward these dogs over, as they are in desperate need of a loving permanent home!
  14. pitbulliest

    How old is your dog, and what breed?!

    I was wondering how old everyone's dog is here, and what kind of breed it is? Do you guys ever think about your dog's age and get emotional or worried all of a sudden? I'm SOOO attached to my dogs, it sometimes brings tears to my eyes when I think that one day they will be's don't...
  15. pitbulliest

    Looking for Lab!

    I have a friend that is desperately looking for a lab to adopt. She's trying petfinder, adopt-a-pet, local shelters..but there well, seems to be a shortage of labs to adopt..and she doesn't want to buy from a breeder (thank God).. Does anyone have any recommendations? We live in Ontario...
  16. pitbulliest

    My Pit Bull Video

    Well seems like pit bulls videos are floating around all over the I decided to make one of my own as well...I hope you guys like it... We're united in numbers..! :D
  17. pitbulliest

    To all the cat lovers - Cute YouTube Vid

    I thought this video was cute, and the song is hilarious lol
  18. pitbulliest

    What Would You Do About This Friend?

    Hi guys. I need some feedback...comments...suggestions..because I'm a little bit lost and hurt. My boyfriend and I have been having some problems lately..which we are now working on..things are running smoothly for now...but during some of our arguments, I would turn to my good friend for...
  19. pitbulliest

    I know ONIONS are TOXIC,.....but?

    Please someone help me out with this..its got me pretty stressed now... I feed the dogs cabbage rolls occassionally...which contain a little bit of fried and then baked they are far from raw.. I know onions are toxic, but I always assumed it was in its raw state.... Either...
  20. pitbulliest

    What would YOU say?

    Dog fighters seem to think that putting their dogs in a fighting pit and letting them go at each other is A OK...what would you tell an ignorant dog fighter if they told you that dog fighting is no different than the sport of boxing? Everyone chip in..I'd like to hear it all from the heart!