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  1. thehoundgirl

    My precious Miagi...

    I had Miagi when I first joined here and some of you may remember him. I had to say goodbye to him Friday afternoon. He was in liver failure. :( I had him almost 14 wonderful years. He always brought so much joy to my life, he was my very first cat. It was hard to say "goodbye" and my heart is...
  2. thehoundgirl

    Meet Lizzy!

    We adopted this amazing girl yesterday. After losing Buster it has been a year and we are ready to take in another dog that needs us. After looking at another dog, the shelter found a better fit for her. We were extremely disappointed, so I was looking online that same night through another...
  3. thehoundgirl

    Rudy & Dixie's Secret Santa!

    There's only a few pictures of the dogs since they didn't want to post with it all. :rofl1: Thanks so much katielou we love everything! :D Rudy really adores the pumpkin squeaky toy. It's the perfect size too! Treats! Jolly Ball Treat Dispenser that Dixie loves but...
  4. thehoundgirl

    Buster January 2004 - December 2014

    Today at 2 PM we said goodbye to Buster. He has been sick for awhile and today he let us know it was time. His passing was peaceful. You know I can't even express in words how much this dog meant to me and my family. But those who have had or have heart dogs.. just know. He was a family...
  5. thehoundgirl

    Official 2014 Card Exchange Sign Up!

    Here is the 2014 Card Exchange Sign Up Thread! Please send me your address by November 25th and I will send the list out shortly after then! PM me the following: Your name Your address (including country!) Any other names to include in the card (pets, SO/kids..) If we get a lot of...
  6. thehoundgirl

    Archer, the cutest big black dog ever!

    My brother and Archer are here for the weekend. They are leaving soon but I thought I'd share some pictures of him. He is around 6 months now.. I haven't seen him since he was 10 weeks since my brother lives out of town. This dog is so much fun. So gentle and sweet. I'm going to miss him a lot...
  7. thehoundgirl

    Meet Archer!

    No, he's not mine. ;) My brother adopted him yesterday! His name is Archer and he is 9 weeks old. :) My parents and I get to meet him soon! :D Sorry if the picture is large! And this is the only picture I have of him for now. :p
  8. thehoundgirl

    Happy 8th birthday, Buster!!!

    I can't believe he is 8 years old today. He is an awesome coonhound boy and we love him so much! It seems like just yesterday we got him as an 8 week old pup, now it's been 8 years. Happy birthday big guy, we are blessed to have you in our lives! :)
  9. thehoundgirl

    Happy 2nd "Gotcha" day Dixie!!! (December 17th)

    I cannot believe it's been 2 whole years we have had this amazing dog named Dixie. She has been such a joy to own and we couldn't have asked for a better dog to help our hearts heal after losing our old dogs Rocky & Jenny. We adopted her in 2009 at 9 weeks old. When she came into my...
  10. thehoundgirl

    Happy 2nd birthday, Dixie!!!!

    Dixie is TWO today, October 7th! :) Her 2nd gotcha day is in December and today is her estimated birthday by our vet. She is such a wonderful dog and we love her very, very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! :D
  11. thehoundgirl

    Happy gotcha day Dixie!!!

    Since I promised I would post pictures of her for her gotcha day! ;) I can't believe it's been a year already that we have had this wonderful puppy in our lives! Happy gotcha day, pretty girl! We love you! :D She went from this: She was at the shelter before we brought her home at 9...
  12. thehoundgirl

    It's been awhile.. Pics of my dogs and cats.

    I know I rarely post pictures of my pets and haven't been in here forever. I have been busy with my pets, my family, and 2 jobs . Sadly, we now don't have Rocky, Jenny, and Ginger as they all passed due to old age. :( We adopted a little schanuzer mix last December when she was 9 weeks...
  13. thehoundgirl

    Our sweet Rocky has passed away..

    I just thought I would let you all know that Rocky has passed away Sunday morning before I went to work. :( Last week he took a turn for the worse and he died on Sunday morning. :( He had just turned 12 in November. Rocky is one of the dogs that is rare to find. We have had him...
  14. thehoundgirl

    thanks so much keyodie!

    for my new sig and avatar of my beautiful baby girl! :D I love it! :) Is the size okay for everyone?
  15. thehoundgirl

    New here!

    hey I am new to this board I have 4 dogs Jenny a rottie/lab 6 years old, Rocky an 8 year old black lab, Buster a 9 month old coonhound mix, Ginger is a rat terrier/chihuahua mix and a tabby cat named Miagi who is 2 years old and a guinea pig that is 3 years old named Dodger. I volunteer at my...